5 Warrior Protocols

The WARRIOR Operating System is a personal development program that uses mental models, frameworks, and productivity tools to help users improve various areas of their life.

  • The CODE is the foundation of the Warrior OS and consists of a personal code of ethics that each user must follow.
  • The CORE 4 is a framework for organizing and improving one’s life across four main areas: BODY, BEING, BALANCE, and BUSINESS.
  • The STACK is a journaling process and toolset for reframing one’s inner narrative, rewriting limiting beliefs, and processing difficult emotions and triggers. It consists of sequences designed to cultivate either POWER or PRODUCTION.
  • The DOOR App is a task-tracking and productivity tool that helps users prioritize tasks and complete a single significant project each week. The HIT List provides users with 4 main priority actions for each weekday. If a user is able to complete all 20 of their weekly tasks and complete the DOOR itself, they receive 21 points and achieve a “Blackjack.”
  • The GAME is a set of fact maps that help users orient themselves and their daily, weekly, and monthly actions towards long-term goals and desired outcomes. It consists of the FACTS of today, the “impossible” targets for the next 12-18 months, and the 30-day FOCUS Map. The GAME App integrates with the DOOR App to allow users to review their targets and measure progress.

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