Attack With the STACK

Will you Choose to ATTACK or Choose to RETREAT?

Every day presents you with a choice: to passively drift through your day and hope for the best, or to seize control and design your day with intention using the Stack app.

For many, life feels like a losing game, dictated by past experiences, present circumstances, and future fears. This is especially true for modern married businessmen with children, like Garrett J. White, the creator of the Stack app.

After hitting rock bottom in both his personal and professional life, Garrett made the courageous decision to start over completely. He left behind familiar religions, industries, cities, and traditional family roles, seeking to redefine himself, his marriage, his family, and his business on his own terms.

In his journey of reinvention, Garrett discovered the power of stacking—a daily discipline that transformed his life. Stacking became his therapist, coach, and trainer, available 24/7 in the palm of his hand.

With the Stack app, you gain access to various journaling techniques:

  • The MEGA Stack
  • The ANGRY Stack
  • The HAPPY Stack
  • The GRATITUDE Stack
  • The PRODUCTION Stacks

Each stacking technique equips you with certainty and clarity, enabling you to take direct, purposeful action in both business and life. Welcome to a transformative journey, where daily discipline sets you free and empowers you to create the life you desire.

Welcome to the Science of Stacking. Try the STACK Challenge for 14 days for just $1 to get started.

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