What is the Warrior APP?

Discover the revolutionary Warrior’s Way system, a collection of powerful tools we call Weapons, designed to transform your business, marriage, and life. With over 53,000 lives transformed since 2012, it’s undeniable that the Weapons available to you within this system have the power to help you achieve success in Body, Being, Balance, and Business. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you inside:


The Stack is the most potent Weapon of the Warrior’s Way, empowering you to connect with the divine, align your mind and soul, and focus your energy on creating meaningful results. By performing your own “self-autopsy,” you can identify and eliminate the limiting beliefs and stories that hold you back. The Stack enables you to go to war against the cancers in your mind, allowing you to elevate yourself to the next level and beyond, repeatedly.


Track your execution of the daily habits of the Warrior’s Way with the Core, which provides you the energy and power required to consistently achieve your targets. The Core shields you from external circumstances that attempt to rob you of your personal power and keeps you equipped and ready to make progress in all areas of life, every day.


In the Game, you can view, track, measure, and manage your performance and results living the Warrior’s Way. Access a series of tactical tools to make quantum leaps of progress and elevate your expansion game by making powerful pivots and course corrections with sniper-like precision. The cornerstone of the Game is the Fact Map, designed to help you create meaningful results at speeds previously unheard of by mastering the “Winning Impossible Games” protocol of the Warrior’s Way.


The Door is a production-accelerating tactical execution tool that allows you to effectively execute your critical needle-moving tasks in your business, ultimately producing more profits. By helping you focus on the one thing every week that truly matters, the Door empowers you to make significant progress toward achieving your targets, regardless of the challenges or chaos you may face.

The Warrior’s Way was uncovered through Garrett J. White’s own journey of demise and destruction, leading to his commitment to liberate himself, save his marriage, become a better father and husband, and a powerful businessman driven by profits and purpose. Used by thousands across the globe, the Warrior’s Way is a science that can skyrocket businesses, re-ignite relationships, improve physical fitness, instill unwavering certainty, and more. Whether you’re a millionaire looking for your next edge or a man in need of a fresh kickstart, the Warrior’s Way can work for you. Visit Wake Up Warrior to download the WARRIOR App and get started using the STACK and other protocols today!

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