Warrior Certified Trainer Bootcamp


So You Can Let Me Put This High-Profit, High-Purpose “Business In A Box” In Your Hands Saving You YEARS or Even Decades of Guess-work & Painful Mistakes.



  • Waste years alone in the dark building and proving your own training and methods of transformation…
  • Little to no credibility and authority to leverage as you scramble to even get a foothold in an over-saturated market…
  • No proven methodology for guiding your clients to achieve the impossible, which has them stay stuck and you stay broke…
  • Zero App with high-impact tools to leverage inside your coaching, consulting, and mastermind offers…
  • Be crippled by politically correct propaganda pussy social platforms governing and suffocating the rise of your movement…
  • No Blueprints, Frameworks, Roadmaps, Assets, or Guidebooks to accelerate your coaching business…
  • Waste countless hours and sleepless nights attempting to plan, create, and build top-notch event experiences…
  • Keep suffering from soul-sucking imposter syndrome trying to sell the unproven rather than seducing with supreme confidence
  • Stay on a hamster wheel of hell as you have to beg, scratch, and claw to ‘someday’ get out of your 6-figure cage (or worse)…


  • Instantly leverage the relentlessly tested and real-world proven Teachings of the Warriors Way System to Having It All.
  • You’ll be backed by the 8-figure Wake up Warrior brand, and associated with one of the most sought-after trainers in the world.
  • Tap into Garrett’s proven methodology for repeatedly creating legit and lasting results every Week, Month, Quarter, and Year.
  • Empower your clients with access to the multi-million dollar WarriorApp and every Transformative Tool inside.
  • Build a thriving tribe of high-achievers where every man or woman is safe to speak their Real & Raw Unfiltered Truth of Freedom.
  • Save yourself YEARS of headaches and costly mistakes by simply following our Roadmaps, and grow your legacy FAST!
  • Leverage our Assets and Guidebooks to Effectively Offer, Host, and Lead 3 of Warrior’s Most Impactful 2-Day Workshops.
  • Become absolutely magnetic so your people chase you down to happily pay you top dollar for the privilege of working with you.
  • Get on the FAST-TRACK to Ultimately Build a Bulletproof 8-figure Legacy TOGETHER with Us and the Tribe of Savage Trainers.


The 14-Day Trainer PRE-TRAINING

Inside of your high-impact Pre-Training, you’ll get the mission-critical knowledge required for you to become a Certified WARRIOR Trainer. By diving deep into The Warriors Way Curriculum, you’ll Secure the Foundation for everything you will build in your own future Warrior Empowered Movement:

  • Armed with The 5 Pillars of The Warriors Way, you’ll begin your mastery of the weapons that turn you into a lethal leader for yourself, your family, and the people of your mission.
  • How to Seamlessly Activate and Accelerate the Real-World Integration of The Warrior’s Way into your life so you can become the evidence to your future clients that “YES! It’s possible to HAVE IT ALL!”
  • The Eternal Principles of Power and Production that turn theory into intensely tactical and practical tools of lasting change transformation.

Complete your Pre-Training and be 100% ready to start customizing and integrating the Warriors Way into Your Offers inside of your 3-Day Warrior Trainer Bootcamp Experience…


So you can Powerfully LEAD from what you LIVE, Be 100% In Integrity, and Dominate Your Marketplace!

The 3-Day Trainer BOOTCAMP

As you step into your Warrior Trainer Bootcamp, you’ll quickly realize that Garrett is virtually giving you every key to build your own kingdom with your Top-Dollar Coaching, Consulting, Membership, and Mastermind Offers.

Because while other coaching business events make big-time promises that always seem to come up short, we choose to overdeliver in ways that will have you leave your bootcamp with bulletproof belief in your power to DELIVER as a TRAINER, and ultimately build YOUR Legacy-Driven 8-Figure Movement.

  • You’ll be taken deeper into the proven systems, science, and tools of The Warriors Way so you walk away with unbreakable confidence in how you can empower your clients (and yourself) with it all at the highest levels.
  • Discover how to apply the Six Savage Skills of The Warrior Method Specifically AS a Warrior Trainer so you can Speak, Seduce, Teach, Train, Coach, and Consult in a way that destroys your competition.

PLUS you’ll walk out of this Warrior Trainer Bootcamp with your Business-In-a-Box Trifecta:

  • CERTAINTY on the exact people YOU are called to serve (and who you are NOT) so you can dial in your message and stop wasting your time with people who will drain you out for pennies.
  • CLARITY on the painful problems you solve for them, and the lucrative possibilities you help them achieve through the compelling offers you Seductively Sell them for Top-Dollars…
  • CONFIDENCE as you create your fully customized offer blueprint POWERED by the Warrior’s Way Training, Tools & Systems.

By the time you leave your Warrior Trainer Bootcamp…You’ll be armed with every weapon so you can go to war for what you really want with your own High-Profit, Mission Driven Business!


Now as you exit out of the Warrior Trainer Bootcamp, it’ll be time to EARN Your Certification by completing a post-event process designed to help you SOLIDIFY Your Undeniably Profitable Path as a Warrior Trainer…

Think of it as an Onboarding Process that upon completion not only Grants You Your Certification but also unlocks the Warrior Certified Trainer PRIVILEGES below…

So that you can be 100% certain that you are both EQUIPPED and READY to Take It All On as you Launch Your High-Profit Purpose-Driven Coaching Business Fully Backed by Warrior.


Warrior’s Way System & Tools (WarriorApp)

When you secure your Certification, the first MAJOR Privilege you get is the fact you’ll get to officially tap into extreme transformational leverage by activating the FULL Power of The WarriorApp for yourself…AND, your clients.

See, with the Deeply Discounted Certified Trainer WarriorApp Team Plans, you can easily and on-demand grant/revoke access to the WarriorApp so that you can…

  • Power-Up Your Coaching Programs, Memberships, Mastermind Groups, and more by including the WarriorApp so you get EVERY Proven Power & Production Tool inside into your people’s hands…
  • Not only Empower Your People with the Teachings of the Warrior’s Way but also Effectively Build a THRIVING Tribe of High-Achievers Living the Warrior’s Way under your Guidance.
  • Create Tribe Units so you can establish a Safe Environment For Your People to Safely Speak Their RAW Unfiltered Truth, with ZERO Risks of you (or your people) being shut down by politically correct propaganda pussies and Kancel Kulture Karens trying to suffocate the rise of your movement.
  • Leverage Private Chat Channels where you can elevate your clients experience through laser-focused feedback, empowered engagement, and personalized connection.
  • And so much more.

Listen…We all know this Privilege alone is worth FAR MORE than the Small Investment currently required for you to BECOME a Warrior CERTIFIED Trainer – Yet it’s barely scratching the SURFACE of how you will be backed by Warrior to Build YOUR Exponentially Profitable Legacy Making Movement…

Assets, Templates, Frameworks & Guidebooks

When you take on your calling as a Certified Warrior Trainer, we unlock the vault of an armory of weapons that fast-track your ability to not only start closing clients fast but also deliver on your promises with supreme confidence:

  • Embeddable Marketing Video By Garrett Pre-Positioning Trainers (Not unique to you)

Plug this video into any of your marketing websites, funnels, blogs, and more that support video embed codes so that your prospects know you’ve EARNED the Wake Up Warrior Trainer Seal of Approval!


We’ll even arm you with everything you need to Promote, Offer, Host, Lead, and Get Paid from three (3) of our most impactful and proven Warrior Events through the…

  • Fact Map Mastermind 2-Day Event Guidebook with Video Assets by Garrett
  • Soul Purpose Intensive 2-Day Event Guidebook with Video Assets by Garrett
  • Meditation Mastery 2-Day Event Guidebook with Video Assets by Garrett

Simply follow the Guidebooks and plug in the Resources & Assets inside to confidently deliver these high-impact events to your people either in-person or virtually, with or without your own personal spin on it all!

NEXT, you’ll get…

  • The ‘Warrior War Room’ Guidebook so you can plug yourself into our real-world proven protocol of running your own 60 or 90-day High-Impact Small-Group Coaching Programs, and fast track your profits while accelerating your reps of being a Trainer!
  • Multiple Trainer Exclusive Funnel Templates that matches your Warrior Trainer Mission and free you from the frustration of building & desiging your own from scratch.
  • And so much more (We’ll keep adding)

This way you can walk out of your Warrior Trainer Bootcamp with unshakeable faith that we will always be pushing the edge of how we empower your mission and movement through an ever-growing Arsenal for Your Abundance!

Warrior Certified Trainer Directory

Another privilege that unlocks for you as you earn your Warrior Trainer CERTIFICATION is the ability for you to Create Your Trainer Profile putting yourself on the MAP of Certified Warrior TRAINERS on Trainers.WakeUpWarrior.com

Now, needless to say, this is major for YOU through the Organic Power & Potential this has inside of attracting more people into your world while also building up your authority in the marketplace…

But for US here at Warrior? We can not even begin to describe how important this is for OUR Mission…Because this will allow us to send people to that Map where they will see that YOU are readily standing by to Serve the Right Man (Or Woman), at the Right Time, in the Right Way…YOUR Way.

Ways that (while deeply aligned) simply do not match the Soul Purpose Driven TARGET Audience of the Red Hot Core of the Wake Up Warrior Movement.

In other words, we don’t just do this to serve you…And we do not take this fucking lightly. Neither should you.

We are extending this invitation to you to ultimately Fulfill OUR Mission of EXPANDING the Message of Warrior beyond our current reach…THROUGH you, and TOGETHER with you.

So we are deeply thankful and honored that you are taking immediate action right now to Join Us In Our Mission to 1) WAKE UP and 2) LIBERATE the World.

Trainer Curriculum & Resources

By now I hope you’re seeing the shocking and uncommon approach we take to pouring every possible resource into your world as you take on your calling as a Certified Warrior Trainer, yet we’re only getting started!

While other programs only provide you some bargain basement bullshit, we push the limits of excellence in how we back your business at every stage with cutting-edge Training, Playbooks, and Tools that have you Stay Ahead of the Curve Saving You YEARS or Even Decades of Guess-work & Painful Mistakes…

See, when you 1) Complete the Warrior Trainer Bootcamp March 20-22, 2024, and 2) Earn Your Warrior Trainer Certification…You’ll be able to tap into our ever-expanding Arsenal of Courses, Training, Playbooks, Frameworks and Templates to fast-track your path to profits as a Coach, Trainer, and Legacy-Driven Movement Builder.

  • Complete Access to the Armory of Warrior’s Way Training so you can continue to max out your own mastery of Learning, Living, Leveraging, and Leading from what you LIVE DAILY!
  • Dive deep into top-tier training designed to help you continuously elevate your Success Critical Six Skills as a Coach, Consultant, Teacher, Trainer, Speaker, and Seductive Seller!
  • Leverage in-depth Marketing & Traffic training, templates and frameworks that have been proven in the marketplace for years with for example the Perfect Webinar 10X Secrets Masterclass sponsored by none other than Russell Brunson and more from other leading experts.
  • Cut out all the overwhelm when it comes to you Crafting Seductive Profit-Pulling Content that attracts YOUR ‘perfect’ clients with our training on Content Strategies for Podcasts, Social Media, and more.
  • Tap into both done-for-you and fill-in-the-blank Funnel & Copy Templates while leveraging proven playbooks of profits that slash your “earning curve” so you can save yourself even more time as a Warrior Trainer on the rise…
  • And so much more as we continue to not only create even more training & resources internally but also partner up with the best of the best in the industry to empower you with what’s WORKING!

Warrior TRAINER Certification Bootcamp

  • 3-Day Certification Bootcamp March 20-22, 2024 @ 8am to ≈5 pm
  • Warrior HQ Training Facility, Dana Point, California, USA
  • 14 Days of Critical Pre-Training to Get You Ready to Roll
  • Only 30 24 19 In-Person Seats Left, Plus 80 51 34 Virtual
  • In-Person Ticket: $12,500 $10,000 (4-Pay Avail.)
  • Virtual Ticket: $5,000 $4,000 (4-Pay Avail.)
  • Expected ROI: Simply Exponential.

  • You’ll Get Three (3) Full Immersive Training Days with none other than Garrett J. White where he’ll systematically guide you through the steps to Securing Your Fully Customized Warrior Trainer Business Blueprint…
  • You’ll Become Weaponized to Effectively LEAD Your People to MASTER the Complete Warrior’s Way Operating System leveraging Garrett’s Battle-tested Frameworks for Speaking, Seducing, Coaching, Consulting, Teaching and Training…
  • You’ll Earn Your Warrior Trainer CERTIFICATION as proof that you are not only Qualified to LEAD Your People From Pit to Peak LIVING the Warrior’s Way, but more importantly that you are both EQUIPPED and READY to Take It All On…
  • You’ll Be Free to Teach, TRAIN & Leverage the Complete System of the Warrior’s Way as You Launch Your High-Profit Purpose-Driven Movement Fully Backed by Warrior.
  • You’ll Exit the Bootcamp with Absolute Clarity, Confidence, and Certainty In How You Will Strategically ACTIVATE the Warrior’s Way Frameworks, Protocols, Tools, and Assets Inside of YOUR Business For Maximum Impact!
  • You’ll get lifetime access to the Replays of Your Entire Trainer Bootcamp granted to you within 14 days of its conclusion…
  • PLUS, you’ll get to Leverage the WarriorApp INSIDE of Your Coaching, Membership & Mastermind Offers so you can get every Power & Production Tool inside into the palm of your people’s hands, and Effectively Build a THRIVING Tribe of High-Achievers Living the Warrior’s Way under your Guidance.
  • AND, as you Earn Your Certification you will Unlock a WEALTH of Proven Assets, Resources, Training, Frameworks, Guidebooks, and more that we’re handing you to support your path of Building Your Legacy Driven Business Powered By Warrior.

AFTER You Complete This 4-Day Bootcamp and BECOME A Certified Warrior TRAINER…

  • You’ll be free to Teach, TRAIN & Leverage the Complete System of the Warrior’s Way INSIDE of Your Business as a Coach, Consultant, Trainer and LEADER of the People You Serve Inside Your Mission.
  • You’ll be given a MARKETING Video Shot by Garrett to help Pre-Position you as an ELITE Coach, Trainer, and Mentor backed by and powered by the Warrior’s Way.
  • DISCLAIMER: Now let us be ABUNDANTLY CLEAR: This video is NOT unique to you.

The Marketing Video shot by Garrett that you will be FREE to Leverage will pre-sell the Warrior’s Way and STRONGLY Invite the Watchers to take action becoming a Client of a Certified Warrior Trainer…

And you will be FREE to EMBED this Video on any Website you own to SUPPORT Your Powerful Message and Strengthen the Strategic Seduction and Compelling Offer YOU Create.

  • You will be given an EXCLUSIVE 20% Off Discount of ANY Tiered WarriorApp Team Plan which will allow you to Easily and On-Demand Manage Your Clients’ Access to the WarriorApp…(You can even give Manager Access to a VA or Team Member to Assist you.)
  • You and your business will be included inside a MAP of Certified Warrior TRAINERS on WakeUpWarrior.com to be released by September 1st, 2023 if not sooner…

Now, needless to say this is major for YOU through the Organic Power & Potential this has inside of attracting more people into your world…

But for US? We can not even begin to describe how important this is for OUR Mission…Because this will allow us to send people to that Map where they will see that YOU are readily standing by to Serve the Right Man (Or Woman), at the Right Time, in the Right Way…Your Way.

Ways that (while deeply aligned) simply do not match the Soul Purpose Driven TARGET Audience of the Red Hot Core of the Wake Up Warrior Movement.

In other words, we don’t just do this to serve you…

And we do not take this fucking lightly. Neither should you.

We are extending this invitation to you to ultimately Fulfill Upon OUR Mission of EXPANDING the Message of Warrior beyond our current reach…THROUGH you, and TOGETHER with you.

So we are deeply thankful and honored that you are taking immediate action right now to secure your ticket below Joining Us In Our Mission to 1) WAKE UP and 2) LIBERATE the World.

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