Daily Fuel 37: Your Associations Will Make Or Break You


POINT #1: A Make or Break Deal

  • A team is only as strong as its weakest player.
  • Strong examples will make others stronger as well.

POINT #2: Welcome to the Game of Association

  • Sometimes it truly is about not what you know, but who you know.
  • What you do on a regular basis gives an example of who and what you are.

POINT #3: Reflecting Who You Are

  • Who you run with reflects who you are.
  • Is that the person you want representative of you or have you lost your way?


  • What area in your Core 4 (body, being, balance and business) are you constricting? What can you do today to access the associations that will help you on your path to having it all?


  • What if you took a stand for what you wanted with courage and clarity? Make a clear, concise decision within your Core 4 to level the fuck up and have those around you join you on the journey or get the fuck away.


“I’m going to have you consider that today because there’s such a low level of trust in the marketplace, what we tend to do is trust you not just for who you are, but we trust you by who you associate with as well.” — Garrett J White

Love and Light, 

Garrett J White – The Master Coach Mentor
Founder, Wake Up Warrior Academy
Leader, Wake Up Warrior Movement
Creator, Warrior Week

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