FEEL – Embracing the Power of Feelings

Feelings are more than just reactions; they drive our motivations, actions, and perceptions. Feelings are Deep-rooted in our consciousness, they form an intrinsic part of our human experience, fueling our darkest despairs and our most joyous moments.  Your feelings are the access point to God and unless you are honest about them transformation will evade you daily.


Feelings aren’t just fleeting sensations; they’re profound, intangible energies. Just as the sun brings life, our feelings light up our internal world, guiding our spiritual journey. They enable us to resonate, empathize, and connect, pushing us toward spiritual growth and deeper understanding.  These feelings become the fuel for our behaviors and our behaviors become the catalyst to our results.


Dark Feelings: Rage, Anger, Pain, despair, and sadness often have negative connotations. Yet, it’s within these intense dark feelings that we find potent transformative energy. They push us to question, to seek, and to change. They can act as catalysts, sparking transformation and growth.  The truth is this, you will often find that it is the dark feelings not your light feelings that create the biggest shifts in your reality.

Light Feelings: Happiness, Joy, love, elation, gratitude and appreciation uplift us. They inspire, empower, and illuminate our paths, pulling us towards our highest potential.  They are also not to be avoided and while the dark feelings are potent fuel the light feelings are no less significant in their importance in our lives.  Owning your light feelings with authority is required just as much as owning your dark feelings.


While facts are the solid ground upon which we build our understanding, feelings are the winds that guide our sails. A life driven solely by facts is akin to a ship without wind – static and unmoving. Feelings infuse life with meaning, color, and movement, making our journey unpredictable yet enriching.  When you blend the dance of facts and feelings you activate the depth of human experience exactly as God intended it.


Contrary to popular belief, being in touch with your feelings isn’t a sign of weakness but a testament to strength. It requires courage to acknowledge, process, and express feelings, especially in a world that often undervalues emotional intelligence. Embracing feelings signifies a deep understanding and acceptance of one’s humanity. It’s an affirmation: “I feel, therefore I am.”  It is the feelings you have daily that allow you to know you are alive.

In embracing the myriad of dark and light feelings that flow through us daily, we unlock the full spectrum of our human experience. From the depths of sorrow to the pinnacles of joy, every feeling is a chapter in our unique story, pushing us toward growth, understanding, and transcendence.

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