I Used To Get Offended By It – Now I Just Laugh

It happens EVERY TIME I join a “High-Level Mastermind”.

In the beginning,

When we all meet up to exchange our ideas and jump into “hot seats”… they take one look at my marketing strategies and systems, and tell me,

“Garrett, I love your ideas, but they probably won’t work too well”.

Then they typically toss a bunch of scripts and templates at me – I thank them for it – and rarely end up using any of them.

Not because I think the people pushing them on me are dumb or anything – I just know what works and what wins in the market.

Plus, I don’t really join masterminds for tactical shit, I join them for different reasons, but that’s another story…


👉 About 3 months later…

At our 2nd quarterly meeting to check in with everyone.

Their tone starts to change when they see my opt in rates, sold out events, waiting lists and CASH-FLOW…

Most times they chuckle and write it off as another case of the “Broken clock can be right twice a day” syndrome.

I’ve even heard shit like,

“Yeah, I can see how that might work for a brand like Wake Up Warrior – but I don’t see this holding up for the average business”.

So I open my KPI’s for my other companies and let them take a glance at those #’s too… (which includes my salon and hair company.)

Let’s just say, when that type of shit goes down, it’s not unusual to see a lot of heads tilt and eye-brows standing tall throughout the room.

👉 3 months later…

At the next Quarterly meet up and check in.

They all completely change their tone.

Especially after they see my results only gaining steam.

Next thing I know,

I start getting shelled with request from those same “chucklers” to help deploy my systems and strategies into their marketing.


What am I doing so different that has multi millionaire “marketing guru’s” reach out to me for help?

I share one of the biggest reasons inside This Video.

I recommend You Watch It and look for areas inside your business where you can use it on.

Who knows?

It might be just as powerful for you, as it has been for me.

Only one way to find out.

Watch The Video Now

-Garrett J. White
Founder of Wake Up Warrior
​​​​​​​Creator of the #WarriorsWay
​​​​​​​Creator of WarriorWeek
​​​​​​​Author of the WarriorBook
​​​​​​​Author of BE THE MAN

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