Story: “Made a lot of money in business, but kept getting stuck”

Warrior Witness 1: Cliff Latham [click image to play video]

“I joined Warrior because I made a lot of money, and had a very successful business career – but I kept getting stuck, I kept hitting that plateau. I couldn’t grow any more than I already had.”

In today’s Warrior Witness, you’ll meet brother #44 – Cliff Latham: 

• Serial Investor & Business Owner

• Father

• Warrior Man

He’s a solid dude who’s had success in business for years.

Great right?

Well, *maybe*.


Dudes who’ve “made it in business” tend to hide what’s really going on with them behind the shiny armor of “success”.

You know this just as well as I do, brother.

But for Cliff, and for a lot of men, this triggers a “Subconscious Ceiling”…

Working harder and longer, but always seemingly just a couple more steps from that alluring “next level”.

For years I played this way…

…hopelessly blind to the reality that my ability to “pierce the veil” was determined by my commitment to what we call “The Code”.

Maybe this is even how you play right now. I get it… it’s easy.

Watch the video to hear about how Cliff finally pierced that “ceiling” by leveraging the WarriorsWay, the Brotherhood & this “Code” I’m talking about.

Click here to watch his two minute video now.

– Garrett