Daily Fuel 26: Stop Being A Victim & Handle Your Shit


POINT #1: Stop Acting Needy

  • Want, instead of need after your relationships.
  • This lack of being needy will put you into desire.

POINT #2: Shift to the Want

  • Shift to the want in which you become attractive.
  • Move away from need in which you become desperate.

POINT #3: Stop Playing the Blame Game

  • If we continue to play the blame game as a victim, we’ll never be able to move forward.
  • There’s a difference between a victim and a survivor; the latter is able to progress.


  • You have things that you need and want, so which do you think a victim focuses on? Where are you being a victim in your relationship?


  • You have the power to rise up. It begins with you making a decision to no longer be the victim. It’s simply a switch in the mind.


“The minute I become needy, I become repulsive and disgusting. And so the game becomes  how do I become not needy but desirable? The only way to become desirable is to have somebody want you. And the only way to have somebody want you is to stand in power and direct communication with the person you’re in the relationship with.” — Garrett J White

Love and Light, 

Garrett J White – The Master Coach Mentor
Founder, Wake Up Warrior Academy
Leader, Wake Up Warrior Movement
Creator, Warrior Week

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