A dark abyss known as poverty exists in the vast human experience. It’s not just an absence of money or resources but a condition that can consume the essence of a person’s being, reducing them to mere shadows of their former selves. The pit of poverty isn’t just a physical or financial state; it’s a psychological and emotional mire that can ensnare anyone, regardless of their background or aspirations.

There is no man or woman walking the planet that will avoid periods of time in the pit of poverty. Within this chapter, we shall overview its treacherous terrains, understanding the depths to which it can pull a soul down to darkness and despair and the transformative, often detrimental steps taken in its grasp.


One of the first casualties of poverty is a loss of connection. People begin disconnecting from their surroundings, loved ones, and even themselves. Social events, gatherings, and simple outings become burdens. They also isolate themselves, fearing judgment or pity. The simple joy of a shared moment with friends or family fades as the weight of a life filled with stress and strain becomes all-consuming.


When the weight of the world feels like it’s pressing down, the natural defense mechanism is to numb oneself. This numbing is known as sedation. Many find solace in destructive habits of sedation, whether alcohol, drugs or just the numbing haze of endless scrolling on social media.

Desensitization becomes a survival tool, making the daily struggles somewhat bearable. It’s a double-edged sword—while it offers temporary relief, it also distances one from the emotions and experiences that make life rich and worth living.


As this poverty mindset takes hold, self-worth often diminishes. People start seeing themselves not as human beings with dreams, aspirations, and potential but as failures.

They internalize societal stereotypes, devaluing their essence while comparing the darkness of their own lives to the illusion of happiness portrayed on the internet. Every missed opportunity or setback becomes not just an external challenge but a confirmation and reflection of their perceived inadequacy.


This inadequacy drives the already complex game of Relationships off the cliff and deeper into the pit. Throw in the relentless stress of mental, emotional and financial insecurity, and even the strongest bonds can falter. Arguments over money, blame, and resentment can chip away at a relationship’s foundation. For some, separation or divorce seems the only way out, a tragic casualty of circumstances often beyond their control.


Beyond just marital relations, the broader family structure with children can crumble under the strain. Children grow up in environments filled with scarcity, pressures, poverty and tension. Siblings, parents, and extended family members drift apart, their relationships marred by unspoken grievances and unmet needs. What was once a source of strength and unity can become another victim pit.


The culmination of all these factors can lead a person to a dark place. Mental health deteriorates, leading to feelings of hopelessness and desolation. These feelings begin to drive behaviors and actions that destroy vs. create. The essence of life, with its joys, sorrows, challenges, and triumphs, becomes a monochrome of suffering.

Yet, it’s essential to remember that while this chapter paints a bleak picture of poverty’s pit, it is just one chapter in the vast volume of human experience. Unfortunately for most this poverty pit has become their day to day reality and with it the incarceration of their souls. The following chapters will delve into the stories of resilience, redemption, and hope.

For every soul lost in the pit, there’s another who, against all odds, finds a ladder to climb out and live. This arduous journey is a testament to the indomitable human spirit that thrives even in the darkest corners of man.

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