The journey from poverty’s pit to prosperity’s peak is neither linear nor uniform. It requires more than just external change; it demands an internal transformation. The transformational shift that bridges these two extremes is powered by principles of truth anchored in the depths of human potential. Let’s delve into these divine principles that define our path and empower our ascent to the freedom of Having It All in Body, Being, Balance & Business.


Before one can rise from any situation, it is paramount that you know exactly where you are.  Without this grounding in reality you will lack the ability to recognize and understand the innate potential that lies within. Every individual possesses a unique blend of talents, abilities, and passions, irrespective of their current circumstances.

Acknowledging these truths, these ‘facts’ about oneself, is the first step toward liberation but they are impossible if you have not been willing to be accountable for the fruit of your life today. It’s not only about where you are but about what you could become beyond what is today. Harnessing this potential provides the foundation for the bridge from poverty to prosperity.


Prosperity is not the end goal but a path to achieve a higher calling and experience in this life. Identifying a purpose bigger than oneself acts as a compass, directing efforts and endeavors. Soul Purpose transforms mundane tasks into meaningful actions, whether serving others, creating, or evolving. This driving force propels one from the paralyzing depths of despair in the pit to the invigorating heights of success at the peak.


Every individual has a narrative, a story they tell about who they are, where they come from, and where they’re headed. Often, this narrative is colored by external influences and past experiences. These stories about self were sold to them by parents, churches, schools and society long before they were old enough to know the truth.

To arrive at the peak of prosperity and freedom one needs to take control of this narrative to bridge poverty and prosperity. We can redefine our life’s trajectory by changing how we perceive challenges, setbacks, and even our abilities. A changed perspective can turn obstacles into opportunities and failures into stepping stones. Bottom line, change your story of self and you change your life.


While potential provides the foundation and purpose offers direction, power is the energy that fuels the journey. But this power isn’t just raw force; it’s intelligent, reverse-engineered production. It involves visualizing the end goal and then meticulously charting a path backward, identifying each step needed to get there.

This principle demands proactive action, foresight, and strategic planning, ensuring that every effort is optimized and every challenge anticipated.  It requires you to see the truth behind the fruit you desire by investigating the root.


In the pursuit of prosperity, one will inevitably face moments of overwhelming abundance – opportunities, challenges, ideas, and decisions. Production is the art of navigating this chaos. It’s about prioritizing, streamlining, and converting abundance into tangible results. This principle teaches us that abundance, without direction or purpose, can be as paralyzing as scarcity. Mastering the chaos ensures that we harness the full spectrum of resources and possibilities available to us, propelling us closer to our vision of prosperity.

In concluding this chapter, it is evident that the journey from the pit of poverty to the peak of prosperity is navigated using these principles of power. They aren’t mere concepts but actionable strategies molding our path and destiny. As we embrace and internalize these principles, we equip ourselves with the tools to dream of and actualize prosperity. They form the bridge that spans the vast chasm between despair and triumph, reminding us that within each of us lies the power to transform our world.

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