🔥 Daily Fire & Fuel EP 102 “COLOR BRINGS CONTRAST”



Today’s Principle: Without contrast, it’s difficult to appreciate.

“It’s the contrast between the dark side of what life used to be and the contrast to the light side of what life has become where we begin to actually appreciate.”

–Garrett J White


The Mega Stack, which was named after the big-ass MEGALODON Shark, is the biggest, most comprehensive version of the Stack. The problem that birthed this Stack? Rage. Yet, I’m going to have you consider that rage itself is not actually the problem, but rather it’s our story about rage that’s the real problem.


Rage itself is a function of anger that is looking and searching for a release. When you take somebody with a high level of anger, this person loses the ability to actually think clearly. They see rage as the ultimate trigger that opens up the emotion of “Fight-Flight-Freeze,” which is literally wired into our DNA.

POINT# 3: F.E.A.R.

False Evidence Appearing Real is fueling the game of Fight, Flight, or Freeze, and it’s also a piece of this rage conversation. The challenge? You and I were never taught in a healthy way to deal with rage other than working out, but there’s only so much working out you can do. What we learned was how to ultimately suppress our rage.

This is ultimately the highest expression of an individual who’s experiencing a very intense, emotionally overwhelming experience of Fight, Flight, or Freeze. This is the survival response and was born at a time inside of our code thousands of years ago when human beings lived in constant survival mode.


​​​​​​​Your moments of peace are offset by your moments of pain and war. It’s the contrast of love and hate, of up and down, of heavy and light, that continually gives us the ability to see. Without contrast, there’s no way you and I could experience life.

-Garrett J. White
Founder of Wake Up Warrior
Creator of the #WarriorsWay
Creator of WarriorWeek
Author of the WarriorBook
Author of BE THE MAN

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