Daily Fuel Week In Review August 26-September 1

Good Morning,

There are some lessons in life that we have to learn on a continual basis, while others only need one time to experience and the lesson smacks us in the face for the rest of our lives. 

I give you the Week In Review for August 26-September 1:

SATURDAY, 26 August 2017:

“Fuel 536: There’s What You’re Told….and There’s What’s True….”


I had an amazing solo surf session today because the waves were expected to be shitty, yet when I looked out my back window, the reality of what I saw showed otherwise. This taught me an important lesson that there’s what we’re told is true and what is actually true. A tragedy in today’s society is that regardless of what reality is showing us, if someone in a place of power tells us something different, we choose to believe them rather than what’s right in front of us. This creates a limited frame of mind as so many have tried to tell me how life is supposed to be, but I refuse to believe them when the FACTS show otherwise.


SUNDAY, 27 August 2017:

“Fuel 537: Your Dreams and Ideas Suck”


New ideas are not worth much at all, but building something and having ideas about it are radically different things that end up creating results. Consistency in one area is what brings steady and strategic production in big results, and those with the greatest success are prime examples of this. When we focus on DOING more instead of dreaming up big shit that no one else has ever thought about, we see consistent results instead of fixating as a dreamer on what will never be.


MONDAY,  28 August 2017:

“Fuel 538: What You Sow Today You Reap….Six Months From Now


We don’t get panicked over upcoming events if we’ve prepared for them. We may still be nervous, don’t get me wrong, but the panic that we see or experience is almost always due to a lack of preparation which brings with it a feeling of urgency as well. This happened with one of my Team members today and it brought me back to my high school days where a sign was posted above the school secretary’s desk that read, “Your lack of planning does not constitute an emergency on my part.” This basically means that we can’t show up on a Thursday when shit needs to get done on a Monday after knowing weeks in advance the deadline. There are no hail marys in life that will work when consistent and steady planning can occur. We are then able to change the shit shows to “Holy Shit! That worked!” show because we’ve planted seeds yesterday as we were thinking about overcoming any potential upcoming problems.


TUESDAY, 29 August 2017:

“Fuel 539: Ninja Shit and Wiping with Your Hand


Shortly before I was going to marry my first wife, we were out walking and I ended up shitting my pants. Literally. After that experience, I promised myself that NEVER AGAIN would I put myself in a position like that again, so during my Ironman and Ultramarathon years, I developed a technique for taking a super fast shit off the side of the road during the race as what I call a Ninja Shit. I trained my body to take less than a minute from start to finish to stop, squat, and wipe then continue onto the race. I developed this based off of the painful experience of trying to wipe shit off of myself and clothes, teaching me an important lesson that the majority of my core beliefs in how I operate and why because of painful situations that end up empowering me later on. When I build from a place of pain, I can choose to let it debilitate me or innovate new techniques to get what it is that I want.  


WEDNESDAY, 30 August 2017:

“Fuel 540: You Won’t Get Fit in Two Days”


Too often we think that the moment we decide to commit to something, we therefore need to see immediate results. Or we recommit to something that we had known or done years ago only to grow impatient that it didn’t all come back to us immediately, sprinting from a sedentary lifestyle. I’m training for the World’s Toughest Mudder Endurance Race coming up this November, and even though my body is fit, there are parts within my tendons that are learning how to be reused for running after focusing on other physical activities like weight training and surfing. The most significant part of knowing that I have to go through this training isn’t the mindset that I can do it (because I already know I can), it’s that I’m OK with having to consistently work up to the outcome instead of making a push at the last minute expecting big results. Those only come through consistent work.


THURSDAY, 31 August 2017:

“Fuel 541: Keys and Karma 


Good mojo. What goes around, comes around. The Boomerang effect. Karma. Regardless of what it’s called, there’s this innate part in all of us in which we reap what we sow. Regardless of what it looks like, karma will come back to us, and it’s up to us to decide on whether or not this becomes a positive or negative experience. When we decide to put out what we want to have come back to us, we create a world of win-win situations.


FRIDAY, 1 September 2017:

“Fuel 542: Do You Have the Balls to Put It On The Line?


After watching the fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, I saw two men display the courage that is required to put it all on the line in their own way. It takes huge, fucking balls to train and sacrifice, which many of us don’t take the time to watch and see because all that is shown to us in the fruit of what it looks like to double down on oneself. Those fighters are worth hundreds of millions of dollars today because they were willing to sacrifice millions in order to grow. When we are willing to invest in ourselves, we see the result come back to us a hundredfold.


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Garrett J White
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