Daily Fuel 41: The Features That Matter Are The Features You Want


POINT #1: Clicking On the Special Features

  • Think of the additional features like your car, house and relationships that are essential.
  • What makes them essential?

POINT #2: Holding Onto What Doesn’t Matter

  • Showcasing your success for others is a flawed approach.
  • Holding onto things that you think others think you need is superficial and not fulfilling.

POINT #3: Your Own Personal Features

  • The only thing you should worry about is what truly matters to you. 
  • It’s what truly matters to you that should help dictate the features placed in your life.


  • What would it take for you to allow the freedom and permission to let an area of your Core 4 (body being, balance and business) go?


  • Look across your Core 4 and find the area that you are striving for with a result that does not matter to you.


“Most of us in life spend all of our time concerning ourselves with features that matter to someone else, not to us…The fastest way to not having it all is to exhaust all your energy, your time and your effort trying to create results in an area that don’t matter to who? Don’t matter to you.” — Garrett J White

Love and Light, 

Garrett J White – The Master Coach Mentor
Founder, Wake Up Warrior Academy
Leader, Wake Up Warrior Movement
Creator, Warrior Week

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