Daily Fuel 40: In Order To Receive, Someone Must Be Willing To Give


POINT #1: Giving to Receive

  • It’s a basic part of human nature to give and receive.
  • We are not able to receive anything without someone giving away something first.

POINT #2: Avoid Entitlement

  • Make sure that when you receive, you don’t feel like it’s due to entitlement.
  • Giving gives back to the giver, therefore avoiding a feeling like someone owes you something.

POINT #3: Are You a Really Good Giver or Receiver? 

  • Givers are sometimes horrible at receiving, just as receivers are horrible at giving.
  • Which are you? Can you willingly do both?


  • Where in your relationships within your Core 4 (body, being, balance and business) are you a giver or a receiver?


  • Focus on balance, and play the opposite this week. If you are normally a giver, allow yourself to receive. If you normally receive, see where you can give.


“The thing to consider is that if you’re currently receiving, that somebody’s got to be giving, and what appreciation to you have for the person that’s giving? On the flip side of this, if you are a giver, the only thing that allows you to continue to give is that there are people willing to receive. There’s a lot of talk about give, give, give. And there’s a lot of talk about receive, receive, receive, but maybe it’s time for us to start thinking about both.” — Garrett J White

Love and Light, 

Garrett J White – The Master Coach Mentor
Founder, Wake Up Warrior Academy
Leader, Wake Up Warrior Movement
Creator, Warrior Week

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