Make sure you have these 4 things in place before 2019

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“Make Sure You Have These 4 Things In Place Before 2019”

My “bootstraps” were slippery…

…and I was struggling to get a grip on them to pull myself up and out of the pit I dug.

It was after I lost my real estate empire…

Every. Penny. Gone.

Right around the same time I was slangin’ bike parts for diapers and baby-formula.

I felt alone…

…Like the ground was giving out underneath me.

I knew I had to do something to get my family back on solid ground or I was going to lose them.

But it couldn’t be real estate.

One critical lesson I learned from watching everything I built, burn to the ground, was this…

I had to go all in on MY MISSION.

Real Estate wasn’t my calling…and by then I knew enough about myself to know that if I was to step foot into anything outside of my true calling – that I was going to find myself in the same position watching flames consume the next thing I built.

That’s just how I am – if I’m not ALL IN – shit get’s scorched.

There’s nothing wrong with real-estate, finance or anything like that.

It was just clear to me that the only way I was going to build something sustainable was if it was based on something near and dear to my heart.

And I knew I had a calling to lead men out of the same pit I was trying to get out of myself.

But I didn’t want to build it like I built the other businesses.

I didn’t want to throw a bunch of shit at the wall and hope the economy was extra sticky that quarter.

I didn’t want to feel out-of-control of my results.

I didn’t want to deal with bi-polar P&L statements.

Most of all…

…I didn’t want to feel alone to carry the burden of figuring everything out on my own… hoping to stumble across a good idea or two…if I was lucky.

I already saw the charred results from playing the game that way – and I needed something different.

I needed help…support…someone who knew the landscape I was up against and could give me the right directions to where I wanted to go.

So I maxed out my credit cards, drained my accounts and held on for dear life as I invested in “navigators” to show me the way out.

Brendon Burchard

Dan Sullivan

& Byron Katie 

Were just a handful of those navigators.


They may have been my navigators…(in a variety of ways)

And I’m beyond grateful for them.

But I still had to build the shipfuel it up and do all the steering myself…not to mention I had to re-build the captain 😊

They simply provided the direction.

And as valuable as those directions were,

The most valuable aspect of investing in them was NOT the directions.

It was in the fact I didn’t feel alone.

I was ASSOCIATING with mentors and groups of people I could bounce ideas off of and who would challenge me to be and do more.

People who were on the frontlines “dodging bullets” and “digging foxholes” as they were creating and launching their businesses too.

I was getting ACCESS to strategies and systems that were already proven to get my message in front of the right people.

And because of all that (and my relentless commitment to getting the results I wanted) I was able to skip a lot of the bullshit most entrepreneurs get stuck and lost inside of…

…I was able to build 6 different businesses that are all doing over 7 figures each.

These are businesses inside of oversaturated markets AND non-existent markets.

I didn’t find 6 different sticky walls to throw shit at…

…there was a simple formula with 4 different ingredients that made it possible (anyone can have these)

✅ 1) I was relentlessly committed to getting the results I wanted (still am)

✅ 2)  I had access to proven strategies and systems that actually worked to create, launch and scale businesses.

✅ 3) I was associating with like-minded people playing the same game I was and pushing me to BE and DO more.

✅ 4) I invested in mentors who held me accountable to IMPLEMENT the things I got access to.


The reason WarriorCon3 is so powerful…

…the reason the majority of men inside that conference room are going to grow their businesses by 40% in the first quarter of 2019 alone…

…Is simply because I’ve infused the same 4 ingredients into the event.

It’s become a science at this point.

=> When you’re truly committed to your results.

=>When you get access to modern marketing, advertising, sales, systems and productivity strategies that are working NOW…from people who walk, talk, breathe and dream that shit for a living (and regarded as the BEST in their respective expertise)

=>When you’re associating with like-minded men running the same race you are; and pushing you to BE and DO more

=>When you get access to mentors who help you implement the systems, strategies and tools you get your hands on.

“The Table Will Be Set”

✅…your next Big idea will finally get launched.

…your Profits will increase.

…Your Business will scale and your teams will produce the results you want them to.

…And your habit to procrastinate will be suffocated by your ability to be PRODUCTIVE.

All you have to do dish up and eat…

…you just need a seat at THE TABLE


– Garrett J. White
Founder of Wake Up Warrior
Creator of the #WarriorsWay
Creator of WarriorWeek
Author of the WarriorBook
Author of BE THE MAN

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