“Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy”

It’s also what keeps most men stuck and paralyzed to take action on their life.

If you recall from last email,

It didn’t matter how hard Rick fought and wanted to become a better husband or father.

Nothing was ever going to change until Rick changed the tools, skillsets and principles he was using that got him in the predicament in the first place.

That was only one of the challenges Rick faced…

The other one is a silent-killer.

It’s called “Comparison”.

See, Brother…

Most men compare their “Pit” to men who have a bigger one to make themselves feel better about their bullshit.

It’s a way to make them feel more comfortable and complacent with living a reality they know is wrong…

“But, hey, it’s not as bad as Brad so I’m doing ok…we can’t all be perfect, right?…at least I have “this” going on”

It’s a way to deflect accountability and avoid the voice inside you saying “this shit is not ok – you need to change and turn this around”

Comparison is never the answer,

But it’s always fascinated me how most men choose to compare their bullshit to other men who are living a more fucked up life than they are.

When it comes to “Pit’s” and the dark areas of our life we are afraid to shine a light on – we typically don’t go look for the men who has his shit dialed in.

We want to look at the fuck ups to make ourselves feel better.

Here’s the problem…

There’s always going to be men “fucking up” worse than you.

No matter what you do or don’t do…

Someone’s doing it worse.

“35. I don’t know what your pit looks like: it could be a small one, or it could be a massive crater like mine was. You could be in a situation in which life is painful, or you could be in a situation in which life is just numb. You could be in a situation in which life is filled solely with pleasure but you know there’s something more out there, and guess what?”

“36. Inside of all of that is going to come the same experience for you that I had; at some point, you will need to become humble enough, beaten-down enough, to listen to the voice inside of you.”

“37. On that day, mine said,


(Warrior BlackBook, Chapter 1, Verse 35-37)


If you can relate to the situation I was in where shit is literally falling apart in my life – it will be pretty obvious that you need to surrender and humble yourself enough to give your own voice space to communicate with you.

But if you’re like most men – shit hasn’t got too bad YET.

You can feel the momentum of the tide pulling out and you know there’s some shit on your ocean floor that you don’t want to get exposed.

Or your life feels like it has no soul, no purpose or direction.

You may be completely numb to life, detached and disconnected from your family …

Whatever it is,

Trust me…

You need to make a shift, and the only way to make the proper shift is to concede and listen to the voice.

If you don’t – what looks like a small, harmless pit now, will shortly turn into a fuckin’ crater.

Take Rick, from last email, for instance…

His body was on fire…he was shredded and in the best shape of his life.

His business was booming.

Cash was rolling in.

Having these areas dialed in delayed his awareness that the relationship with his family was failing.

If you compared Rick’s life to 99% of men from the outside looking in he was winning!

Maybe you can relate?

Maybe there’s an area or two in your life where you’ve got some shit figured out and things are rollin’…

…and you ignore the other areas that are dragging behind.

And as long as you can find comfort in the fact that you could be doing worse like “so and so” down the street…you will keep going down the path that leads to massive destruction.

I only know this because I’ve been there brother…

…and I’ve helped thousands of other men who waited for their small pit’s to become crater’s before they went looking for help.



Don’t wait…

Don’t hide behind comparisons…

You already know where you need to change.

Whether it’s in your

  • Body
  • Being
  • Balance
  • Business/Bank Account

Save yourself the bullshit drama and get things dialed in now – while there’s still time.

Here’s a quick lil’ tip though…

Don’t course correct so hard that the areas that used to be strong are now weak.

There’s a science to Having it All

There’s a system that maps out how to become a 4-Dimensional Man who is dialed in across their body, being, balance and business…


I teach it in THIS BOOK.

Check it out,

The system I teach in it has changed the lives of well over a thousand men to this date and growing by the day.

Maybe it will change yours too.


– Garrett J. White

Founder of Wake Up Warrior
Creator of the #WarriorsWay
Creator of WarriorWeek
Author of the Warrior BlackBook

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