Do your actions match your heart?

In other words,

Deep down in your heart, do you genuinely want to become a better husband, father and business-man who is healthy, in-shape and spiritually connected?…

…yet you continue to either avoid taking the action necessary to be that man…or you take action that pushes you further away from the man you want to be.


You’re not alone.

I know the feeling well.

Everyone inside the Brotherhood was once there too.

And it can fuck with a man and discourage him if he doesn’t get clear on why this is happening.


In this email I’m going to explain why this is happening to you and what you need to do to overcome it…(In just a minute.)


There’s a story you need hear to help you understand this concept better.

“Everything in my life I had built until that point was a house of cards. The booming business, the body that could withstand virtually any beating you could put on it.

24-hour runs and competitive CrossFit wods. Life was great, except my world was crumbling around me.

– Rick Steele (Warrior Brother)

Like most men, Rick was living a two-dimensional life.

He was “crushing it” in a couple areas but tanking in others.

…Making a lot of money.

…Building a big ass business.

…In great shape.

From the outside looking in, he had his shit together.

Meanwhile, his wife felt alone and disconnected…and his kids knew him as “the guy in the computer room” who kissed them goodnight before they went to bed.

Here’s the thing.

It’s not like Rick wanted this shit…

He didn’t wake up every day asking himself “how can I fuck my life up and become even more disconnected today?”

Nobody does.

So how does this happen?…

…Even when you’re aware of the areas of your life you want to change and you’re “ALL-IN” to making it happen?

Two major reasons.

One of which I’ll share with you today…

The other, I’ll save for another time (Maybe tomorrow)

Albert Einstein (The Original Warrior)

It didn’t matter how bad Rick wanted to change.

It didn’t matter how many arguments he had.

…how many apologies he gave…

Or how aware he was of his behavior and the effect it was having on his family.

Rick couldn’t do shit about it until he figured this simple, fundamental concept out.

Albert Einstein understood this as good as anyone…

He’s quoted to have said… 

“A man’s mind lacks the capacity to solve the problem it has created at the same level of thinking that originally created the problem”

(Warrior BlackBook pg. 5, verse 18)


In other words…

The man you are today, with the struggles, roadblocks and challenges that you created (yes, you created) that are keeping you from “having it all” – Is NOT the same man who can breakthrough and achieve the “have it all” lifestyle.

YOU must become a different man than the one you are today.

Which simply boils down to one thing.


In Rick’s case,

He had to become a different man.

He had to get new tools and learn new skillsets to become the type of person who can take the type of action to be the man he wanted.


Maybe you’re in a similar position as Rick.

There’s areas of your life that need a lot of work.

And you know it.

The fact you’re reading this email tells me you’re ahead of most men and at least facing the right direction.

But I want you to consider this…

Your “want to”

Your desire

Your strong-will

Your effort

Can and will never be enough to get what you want.

You will continue to set the same “goals” year after year without hitting them…

You’ll continue to drift apart from your wife and children…

You’ll continue to hide behind the areas of your life where you’re “killing it” and disengage from the areas that need the most work.

Simply because the tools, concepts and skillsets you used to build the problem you have, won’t work to solve it.

So, like Rick, you need new System to operate with…

…One with new tools, skillsets, blueprints and principles to build the life you want.

Without it, you’ll be swimming in quicksand.


– Garrett J. White

Founder of Wake Up Warrior
Creator of the #WarriorsWay
Creator of WarriorWeek
Author of the Warrior BlackBook

P.S. I mentioned there were two primary reasons Rick was struggling to overcome his destructive patterns…

We covered one of them today.

The other one is even more problematic, more common and more dangerous…(Primarily because as a society we’ve been trained to do this about as often as we take a breath)

P.P.S. Rick’s story isn’t done…what he’s been able to overcome and accomplish is pretty fucking incredible.

I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.


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