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Wake Up Warrior Black Book

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July 4th, 2017 marked a historical day in the Wake Up Warrior Movement’s History.

The Complete Warrior’s Way Doctrine was made available to the public for the first time ever – in print format.

For YEARS, THOUSANDS of men just like you have been sitting on the sidelines waiting… Waiting for their shot to get IN and begin their to the Warrior’s Way Journey of “Having It All.”

See, previously – to even get STARTED with Warrior, you would have to make a $10,000 investment for Warrior Week. Then came the BlackBox, a $5,000 investment. Then the WarriorVBook, a $1,000 investment.

This has all been available for years, but for the very first time, the entire SCIENCE of the Warrior’s Way was made available to the public @ 6am PST July 4th, 2017 through 400 copies of the Warrior BlackBook.

Needless to say, we sold-out quickly.

In fact, the 422 Copies of the Warrior BlackBook SOLD-OUT in just 59 minutes and 33 seconds! (Yes, we over-sold!)

Maybe you were one of the HUNDREDS of men who missed the boat that day and BEGGED me for a 2nd chance.

Problem was, I had no more copies.

Point is this:

This is an OPPORTUNITY that WILL be GONE if you wait.

So gear up my brother…This is your shot.

Your Journey to “Having It All” Begins NOW!

>>> If you don’t want to wait for your book to arrive, you will be able to add the Audio Version of the BlackBook to your pending order so you can take it on the go immediately! 

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– Garrett J. White

Founder of Wake Up Warrior
Creator of the #WarriorsWay
Creator of WarriorWeek
Author of the Warrior BlackBook

P.S. I invite you to consider the following.

There are 720 hours in a 30-day month. Each day brother, if you invest one hour into the BlackBook, this accounts for less than 4% of your month.

At the heart of the Warrior’s Way is an exponential quotient.

Men who invest their focus 90 days at a time, often collapse one to two years of work bringing future results into the present even quicker.

This isn’t theory, it is now proven fact.

My question for you is this.

“Are you willing to invest 4% of your time to collapse one year of expanding the quality of your life into 90 days? Or two years of your life into six months or three years of your life into nine months?”

If the answer is no, then close this email immediately.

You will never have it all.

But if by chance, your answer is YES, understand that your investment into yourself through this BlackBook over the next 60 days will already begin holding results that may have taken you three years originally.

Instead having it come to you much, much quicker.

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