Daily Fuel Week In Review January 27-February 2

It’s been a fiery week of shit storms and chaos countered with the therapeutic benefits of float tanks and (of course) surfing, so without further ado…

I give you the Week In Review for January 27-February 2:

SATURDAY, 27 January 2017:

“Fuel 690: Your Pod’s Too Small”


The shenanigans with float tanks continues as I used a different room to float in, banging into the walls with my head and feet the entire session. That hadn’t happened in previous sessions that were in the same room, discovering that not all of the pods are the same size. That’s when I discovered that I was the problem, literally, having a body that was too big for a pod that was too small to hold me, then learned from the gals that work there about further options. Sometimes the issues that we face are because we don’t allow ourselves the chance to grow in a space that’s the right size for us, choosing to remain small instead.  


SUNDAY, 28 January 2017:

“Fuel 691: Homeless and an iPhone” 


I have a morning routine in which I eat the same breakfast from the same location every single morning, and today’s episode was no exception. During this time going into the pancake house where I get oatmeal, eggs and bacon, a woman that was very skinny with a sunken face knocked on my window and asked if I could help pay for some breakfast for her. Before she came over to me, she had pulled out a smartphone and was typing on it, so immediately I had some misgivings, but through training that I’ve become addicted to within myself using a tool known as the Stack, I was able to reframe the story and provide a meal for her along with my jacket and some cash to get her some help. I find fulfillment from helping others, so we both ended up feeling great from the situation instead of awkward.


MONDAY, 29 January 2018:

“Fuel 692: Ruby and a Whantrum [Special Guest]”


We all have temper tantrums throughout life, which I defined in an earlier episode as whantrums if they’re coming from a woman and mantrums if they’re coming from a man. The point of today’s episode is to learn to be OK with the realization that we all have tantrums instead of trying to suppress them, pretend they don’t happen, or let them consume us. When we realize that they’re simply part of life, then we’re also able to ask ourselves if throwing the tantrum will get us what we want.


TUESDAY, 30 January 2018:

“Fuel 693: Dead Rats in My Garage”


I knew there was a dead rat in my garage but chose to keep ignoring it until the smell got to be too much. There are issues that occur in our lives in which we can smell the shit that needs to change, and yet we delay and pretend like life was still working. It will continue to stink until I solve the problem. Life isn’t going to fix itself, and this dead rat acts as a symbol for my life that I need to be clear instead of ignore shit that must be handled. The longer we choose to avoid shit in our life, the more rotten it becomes; it’s not going to magically take care of itself, no matter how much we decide to ignore the stench. 


WEDNESDAY,  31 January 2018:

“Fuel 694: It SUCKS!!! Until You’re Good At It…”


It wasn’t until my right hand man inside of Wake Up Warrior, Mr Jeremy Finlay, began picking up surfing that I was able to see where I started out and where I’m at now. This is the case with my experience inside of the sensory deprivation float tank that I’ve been implementing daily in my life, going through deeper levels of relaxation and release of tension with each session. But when I had my first experience, the experience sucked! All things that we learn new do. Therefore, we can remain stuck in the suck when trying something new or learn to push through so that we can focus on getting better one day at a time. 


THURSDAY, 1 February 2018:

“Fuel 695: COMMIT!!! And Then You Will Get Commitment”


There’s a trend that I’m seeing within society in regards to commitment that needs to be clarified. Too often people think that in order to show commitment, they must first receive commitment from other people, but that’s not the way it works. If you want the world to commit to you, show the world that you’re committed. 


FRIDAY, 2 February 2018:

“Fuel 696: Bitch, PLEASE!!!!”


Nobody take a shit in my backyard and gets away with it. This metaphorically happened within my wife’s blog after a comment was made going into bitch mode, and mocking my wife’s revolutionary technique known as Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) for hair extensions. So, I emailed her, thanking her for her feedback and asking if she would like to be on one of our live podcasts for Big Money Stylist to discuss it further. She ignored by email. I then called her out that she felt fine with talking shit but couldn’t face the heat when confronted about it, to which she replied that I was harassing her. This is a common occurrence in society today as anyone with anything to say can say anything online, thinking that there’s no ramifications for it. Not in Garrett’s house. 


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Garrett J White

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