They choke the life out of your authentic self.

“There’s No Drug Or Weapon More Powerful And Dangerous Than The Stories You Believe About “Who You Are”.”


Before you start rattling off your resume, I want to share some insights about how to sit with this question and navigate through the noise to find your answer.

There’s a popular phrase in the fitness community that goes like this…

“You Are NOT Fat…You HAVE Fat”


“Being” fat is a story about your identity vs ”having” fat is just statement about what you have.

Two VERY different experiences with VERY different narratives.

If you IDENTIFY as fat, you’ll also adopt the stories around what being fat means.

Stories about…

Being Lazy…hating yourself…Being Mentally weak…Having no worth….Having no value etc

When you adopt the identity, you also take on the stories that come along with it.

It’s no wonder overweight people struggle and constantly self-sabotage…It’s part of the fucking narrative of who they believe themselves to be.

Examples of these false narratives are literally everywhere…

==> I’m a Christian vs. I follow Christian teachings

==> I’m an athlete vs. I play sports

==> I’m a business owner vs. I own a business

==> I’m an addict vs. I have an addiction

The “I am __” is where the danger lies… and here’s why.

Society, be it, your parents, church, teachers, media etc have crafted stories around what it “means” to be ___

“If you’re not careful you can barricade yourself inside the identities placed on you by society which are based on false narratives.”

Eventually you’ll be wondering “what’s wrong with me” and find yourself doing shit you hate just to attempt to stay within the framework of the narrative of who you think you are.

These stories choke the life out of your authentic self.

They take up all the space around you and leave no room to show up as who you really are.

(More on this later)

“Get Your Box Cutters Out.”

Here’s a quick example of what I mean.

I used to think being a Christian meant…

Never cursing.

Never getting angry.

Always acting like you’re on fire and happy (even when you’re not).

Having all the answers.

Never being scared or worried.

Never having doubt.

Trying to live within that box and suppress everything about me that didn’t quite fit inside the narrow walls of what society said “being a Christian” was, was FUCKING EXHAUSTING.

Can you relate?

And like I said earlier – These stories are all around us, so you really have to navigate and be real with yourself about this question and challenge the belief systems you hold in place that is telling you who you are.

These are the stories that keep us from taking action on your big ideas.

These are the stories that keep you sedating and suppressing with alcohol, food, drugs, porn, work, social media etc.

These are the stories that drain energy from you because of the amount of effort it takes to put on a show to live within the narrative of your lies (stories)

In other words,

The stories (lies) about who you believe yourself to be (and what that means) sits at the core of every reason why you feel stuck playing small and living an unfulfilled life.


Absolutely critical to investigate and deconstruct the stories that are holding you hostage.

We use a tool called “The Stack” to get clear and certain about what we need to be doing (it’s literally saved my life – I’ll share more on it another time)… but before we even use that, there’s 3 questions that, if answered truthfully, can light a fire under your ass and shake you out of the dull rut you’re in.

I present These 3 questions to you on day 2 of the Acceleration-Video-Series you receive when you get the Black Book.

If you’re not willing to be truthful about answering the questions it won’t do shit.

Don’t even waste your time if you’re not ALL IN and prepared to be completely real.

It’s up to you.

Your call Brother.


– Garrett J. White

Founder of Wake Up Warrior
Creator of the #WarriorsWay
Creator of WarriorWeek
Author of the Warrior BlackBook


“How 1,140+ Elite Men From 17 Countries Have Cracked The Code to ‘Having It All’ – Unlocking More Business Profits, Passion In Marriage, and Purpose In Life – Without Burning Out”