I get it… I did the same shit.

“…I’ll just take her away on this cruise and everything will be good again! I’ll sweep her off her feet, I’ll wine and dine her, and we’ll have amazing, connected, passionate sex!

But, none of that happened.”

What Paul didn’t know was…

As men we can’t expect to solve our problems with a single trip.

We can’t simply buy some flowers one time and wash our hands of doing any real work.


I Get it…I did the same shit.

How fuckin shallow do we think our wives are?

Are we really expecting them to be like…

“wow…all those months and years (sometimes decades) that you spent NOT helping, being disengaged, acting like an asshole, obsessed with your business and addicted to you phone are all worth it now that I’m on a cruise ship”

Once Paul got on the ship his wife went to bed every night by 9pm while he stayed up gambling and drinking by himself.

Without a clue that his wife was having a shit time.

They got back,

He thought it was one of the best trips he’d ever been on.

But when friends started asking about it, his wife said “it sucked”.

This caught him off guard.

At first he was angry…

Confused how the hell she could’ve had a bad time.

Thinking “this bitch is crazy” (his words, not mine)

But then he started reflecting and recalling how she’d go to bed and he’d stay up partying every night.

Recalling the shallow and meaningless conversations.

Remembering the fight’s they had every night while on the ship.

Considering that a cruise might not be a big enough band-aid to cover the wounds he’d created over a span of years.

To Paul’s credit,

He began asking himself some pretty tough questions…

“Is she telling the truth?…am I really being an asshole?

Am I not seeing something here?”

…and he was honest and real about the answers. 

Which opened his eyes to the fact he was the one acting like a selfish, lying and angry shit-head. 

Not her. 

He was the problem. 

But the awareness alone wasn’t going to help Paul. 

He had no idea how to make it right and win his wife and kids back. 

He knew “trying to be more nice” wasn’t going to cut it. 

“And then, what seemed like a stroke of luck – or better yet, now I see it as a message from God – I clicked on a banner ad for Warrior Book on the night of April 28th. I NEVER click on banner ads, but for some reason, I did this time.

I watched the sales video. Who was this guy Garrett? How the fuck did he know my story? Every single thing that Garrett said about his marriage in his sales video was like looking into a mirror and listening to my story. So I wasn’t the only asshole husband, huh? What, there are other men who want to change and there is actually a blueprint for changing, for improving? And I can get that out of a book? I needed that book ASAP!!

But $1000 for a book? Was this guy, Garrett, some snake oil salesman, or was he the real thing?”

There’s a shit ton of snake-oil salesmen out there so I don’t blame Paul for being skeptical.

I would be too…

But Paul didn’t let that stop him.

He did his research and saw the results other men were getting.

“And so I did it. I gambled $1000 on a book and joined The Black Book.

.I watched the videos in the Armory over and over and over again – The Foundation, The Code, The Core, and my favorite video, The Drift and Shift. I loved every single one of those videos. I’d been an info junkie and this info was all brand new and had me fired up! I’d never heard anyone sharing this type of info in my 40 years and I wanted to share it with everyone!!! 

Every chance I got, I watched or listened to the videos – on the way to work, in bed at night, driving in the car. Black Book was just what I was looking for! I had been searching for years, looking for a way to connect with powerful entrepreneurs whom I could learn from, powerful men who could show me the way to having it all, to riches, happiness, and greatness!” 

Fast forward to today…after 100 days since he began The Black Book

“My marriage has improved immensely over the past 100 days. Gina and I are in love again. We go on dates each week without the kids. We date our kids together each week and create family memories. She and I talk the next day about the newly created memories with one another and with the kids. We have open communication again. My kids are connected with me once again. My older daughter who hadn’t talked to me in months now kisses, hugs, and talks to me more now than she has in years!

The best is yet to come.”

Am I sharing Paul’s story and his testimonial to show you what’s possible for you and your family in hopes that you step up and grab The Black Book?

You’re god-damn right I am…

I know what’s possible for you Brother,

I know how fulfilling your life can be if you just follow a system.

I’ve seen it work in the lives of over a thousand men.

I want you to experience it for yourself.

I want you to “Have it All” like the other Brothers inside of Warrior.

But I can’t want it more than you.

I can’t make the choice for you.

Only you can do that.


Are you ready to make that choice?

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– Garrett J. White

Founder of Wake Up Warrior
Creator of the #WarriorsWay
Creator of WarriorWeek
Author of the Warrior BlackBook


“How 1,140+ Elite Men From 17 Countries Have Cracked The Code to ‘Having It All’ – Unlocking More Business Profits, Passion In Marriage, and Purpose In Life – Without Burning Out”