“This changes everything…”

There’s A Fundamental Shift Taking Place….

Just like today’s eclipse, a shift is upon us:

…in the way messages & communication are affecting

1. businesses large and small

2. brands

3. charitable organizations

4. Real estate, financial services, food

5. and more.

and the world’s largest behemoth’s are starting to take notice.

For Example, In The Last 18 Months…

 1. Facebook changed the fundamental mission statement of their company from “making the world more open and connected”, to “developing the social infrastructure for community”.

2. Apple just started deploying their first batch of original content, following in the foot-steps of Netflix, HBO and Hulu – seeing the trend of content-pushing-brand strategies taking hold on a mass scale.

3. Netflix documentaries are becoming ragingly popular mediums by which brands are using story-telling, movement-marketing, and community-oriented good will to explode their businesses reach and awareness

4. The world at large is actively connecting at an exponential rate, with monthly users on Facebook just surpassing 2 BILLION.

—> which means larger sums of people in every industry are SEEKING out brand-affinity to LAND in, finding a home and brand community they can trust.

We’ve Now Entered A New Age Where:

> owners & leaders
> businessmen
> sales executives
> and marketers

MUST operate from a totally different place of power, possibility and perspective.

In other words?

A Window Has Opened For The FEW Who See It

This “changing of the guard” and window opening is already creating big winners (and even bigger losers),

but the “window of opportunity” LIKE THIS isn’t staying wide open like it is now.

We’re talkin’ Wild, Wild, West – 
guns a blazin, put a stake in your territory style open window.

And that’s exactly why we created the Warrior Business Summit.

happening October 5-6 in Huntington Beach, CA for any man who’s interested in claiming THEIR piece of land in this opportunity.

Not sure what I mean?

No problem.

Sometimes an email can be elusively annoying.

We’ve Made A Movie For You All Around This Topic:

Warrior Business Summit 2017

It’s short. To the point. Won’t waste your time.

Just WATCHING it will already begin turning your wheels as to how you can close in on the window in your business industry.

(Plus, it’s the best documentary we’ve made all year).

Click here to watch it now:

We made a small announcement yesterday about the event, and currently we’re sitting at just over 150 tickets.

We’re only allowing 250 people into the room.

Fake scarcity is annoying – but in this case, if any of this resonates, hop on and just watch the movie before the tickets are scooped up this week.

I’m not asking you to make a decision right now, I’m asking you to give yourself a chance to learn about what this window actually is,

And how it applies to your business.

Unlocking The $10,000,000 Modern Movement Map

We’re not just siting here preaching from a place of theory.

Brother – over the last 5 years, we’ve taken Warrior from a simple concept in the Market Place

To a growing movement with 1000’s of people and nearing $10,000,000 money INVESTED to discover how these trends could help Warrior establish itself.

If you’ve been watching at all over the last 3 years, you’ve seen Warrior rise from obscurity into a Category Killer. 

We’re taking these same ideas / insights / and data we learned, and opening it up to other Brother’s who want to create MOVEMENTS in their respective industry.


Because Warrior can’t help the whole world, and YOUR (future?) tribe needs you to level the fuck up.

I’ll write more on this tomorrow, but in the meantime – just start the movie.

You’ll see exactly what I mean…

Enjoy today’s eclipse, I’ll see you tomorrow.


The end.

– Garrett J. White @ Warrior HQ
Founder, Wake Up Warrior
Creator, Warrior Week
Author, Warrior Book

Warrior Movement Map