Some men are just motivated by money. 

And that’s okay.

Years ago, while I was in banking – this was my focus. 

I built an empire with over 100 employee’s in mortgages, insurance & real estate. 

We all know what happened in 2007-2008.

My empire crumbled before my eyes, and I experienced an odd phenomenon throughout it all:

The money was empty. 

No matter how much cash I had sitting in my bank, the growth had felt empty. 


Because it was Blood Money.

Blood money in the fact that there was no purpose behind my efforts, other than cash.

And when the cash reserves literally dissolved from rapidly paying for employee’s, defaulting property, and so on…

That sneaking feeling of emptiness got stronger, and stronger, until I was faced with a feeling of being disgusted with myself. 

— Who had I become?

— Had I ditched my professional football career for this? 

— Is this what business is all about? Profit, and nothing else?

Injecting Deeper Purpose Into Your Business Translates To More Profits

And so I began to shift my thinking. 

I was a businessman, and understood the crucial economic drivers of business.

However – even in all their glory, they were shiny objects covered in indifference:

Old Business had lost its luster, and then my journey began – almost 10 years ago

This was my journey to inject MEANING into BUSINESS…

To find a harmony of PROFIT and PURPOSE, while building something that MATTERED.

If you’ve seen the documentary we made for you, you’ll understand what I mean.

10 Years Ago, I Asked Myself A Fateful Question:

And from this place, the concept of Warrior began to emerge. 

There were nearly 5 years of personal pain and discovery of myself, before I even started going into the market place with what I learned.

And beyond that, what I STOOD for.

The self-discovery required to become a movement leader is one of the hardest journey’s I’ve ever been on. 

But then in 2012…

I was ready.

I was ready to build my vision of purpose, of profit, of tribe, of it all.

And in December 2012 – the first law of movement making I had learned, I started to employ:

Using The Law of Differentiation

I knew I had to be different

but I started  learning how using differentiation was actually a movement LAW.

See – there are laws we’ve discovered, methods that when used – work.

And over the last 5 years, we’ve grown Warrior into the industry LEADER.

Beyond that, we ventured into CREATING an entire industry around Masculinity that previously didn’t even exist.


Brother – I talk about it in the documentary if you haven’t watched it yet:

But the HOW, is called the MOVEMENT MAP:

There is a subtle balance of leading your tribe and maintaining the profitability of your organization.

Managing the energy of a movement involves the 5 elements:

How to approach your industry from a movement-makers perspective.

Translating that perspective into tangible strategy & execution.

Implementing processes & systems to your method to help scale

Leading & growing innovative teams to push production speeds

Creating healthy profitability while staying sensitive to the movement you’re leading, beyond the money.

Traditional events focus on (typically dated) mediums of marketing & business… 

but at Warrior Business Summit we believe that companies are stronger when they engage in multiple verticals of story telling, branding & community reach:

That’s Why It’s Our Mission To Widen The Dimensionality Of Your Brand Through:

Unloading the strategies around:

    – Digital Documentary Story Stelling

    – Communal & Audience Psychology 

    – Creating Brand Experience Philosophy

    – Using Digital & Physical Catharsis to Help Transform Your Tribe 

    – Creating Methodologies from Your Product / Service / Experience To Accelerate Learning & Living

    – And literally, so much more.

…all around the container and community of 100+ businessmen currently implementing these principles. 

What happens when you use this? 

You create grass-roots community, movement, excitement and loyalty.

Or in other words, you get stronger, when you help your tribe get stronger.

These are the methods we’ve used to build Warrior. 

And not just the HOW, but WHY we’ve done what we’ve done.

business holy grail

I won’t be coy here.

This isn’t for every man.

But this is for the man in business who knows what I’m speaking to.

Who knows there’s a reality of PURPOSE and PROFIT, very real. 

If this is you, watch the full documentary, and then secure your ticket.

These tickets are literally draining from our reserves. 

We cap it at 250 tickets.

So the longer you wait – the closer we get to 250. 

Click here to watch the doc, and get your ticket secured immediately:

More coming tomorrow, until then… you know what to do brother.

The end.

Garrett J. White
Founder, Wake up Warrior

Warrior Movement Map