How to be the Disney of your industry (any industry)

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Taking Cue’s From Disney:

Having The Mind of A 

Movement Maker

Some men have asked us lately…

“Will this WORK for my industry? I am not an educator, a trainer, a teacher. I just sell real estate.”

– Or “I just sell insurance”.

– Or “I’m an executive manager…”

– Or “I build homes….”

You may have asked yourself this same question:

“Okay, cool. I love the idea, and clearly see that this worked for you. But my industry is different.”

I hear you brother…

Now, look deeper, and let me introduce you to a concept called:

Shaping Experience Philosophy, And How It Applies To Your Brand

First I’ll give you the short answer, and then explain.

1. This approach works in every industry, and it’s been tactically proven specifically in:

– Financial Services

– Custom Home Building

– Real Estate Brokerages

– Tattooing

– Hair & Beauty

– Education & Corporate Training

2. Being a movement maker consists of being very mindful of a little-known, but highly powerful principle known as: “Experience Philosophy”.

What The Hell Is “Experience Philosophy”,  And Why Does It Matter To Me?

This is how Disney built their empire.

They understood that they weren’t selling a product.

–> They were facilitating an experience.

Yesterday, we talked law of differentiation. 

Also, talked convergence of technology, communication & access to people.

Now follow me…

Building an experience is one thing.

Creating an “Experience Philosophy”, another.

This Is A Sequence of Planned, Predictable & Delightful Experiences You Facilitate…


– Automation

– Processes

– Systems

so your customers, clients & audience get the same scalable, quality result…




And Here’s The Magic Equation:

what we did to EXPLODE Warrior onto the scene was being able to

1. Deploy COLD advertising campaigns BLENDED into our processed, systemized experience philosophy.

2. Systematize, scale and deliver the Warrior Experience 

So all we needed to do was turn on cold traffic…

And men came knocking, READY to go ALL IN.

This Equation Automatically Grows Your Movement

This helped us grow not only a customer base, but a MOVEMENT of men who we knew had the same experience every single time.

— We’ve done the same in HAIR EXPERIENCES.

— We’ve done the same in TATTOO EXPERIENCES.

— We’ve done the same in INSURANCE EXPERIENCES. 

— We’ve had brothers implement this in Real Estate, Home Building, Design Agencies, and beyond.

How To FUBAR This Equation:

There are principles that govern here.

If you break certain rules, it won’t work.

If you follow the sequence, it works.

When you lay this sequence over your own voice, style, brand & direction…



…But I digress.

There is this very peculiar cocktail of 

1. Modern Marketing: Being able to drive cold traffic that produces HIGHLY QUALIFIED LEADS.

2. Modern Selling: Being able to systematize and scale that traffic into MONEY, PROFIT.

3. Modern Fulfillment: Being able to fulfill an experience of delight, intensity and practical value, so your people transform into your TRIBE.

4. Modern Automation Systems: Using bleeding-edge technology & software to automate your fulfillment, so you don’t burn the fuck out.

5. Modern Branding: Using the principles of Experience Philosophy to emerge as your industry’s ELITE AUTHORITY, EXPERT, CELEBRITY, LEADER.

If you use these together, it’s impossible for your industry to not take notice.

“But Garrett, This Sounds Complex And Too Much Work”

Yeah, I’ve spent 9 years and $10,000,000 figuring this cocktail out.

It was shit-loads of work, and a borderline suicide mission, just ask my wife.

It nearly cost me everything, but I was UNWILLING to settle for anything less.

And now? 

At Summit, I divulge and deploy the map to you.

– Distilled.

– Simplified. 

– Organized.

Warrior is now the DISNEY of the Masculine industry, and literally no-one can compete with us.

Take what we’ve learned, use it for your industry.

A blueprint of how we did this, so you can do it in your industry, too.

So — yes, a lot of work.

Work that I’ve done FOR YOU.

So you can just head into the market, and rise.

Instead of wasting:

– Marketing Dollars

– Time on the Weekend away from your family

– Precious Man Hours from your Employees

Toiling away at the same old boring shit you’ve done your whole business life.

It’s time for you to level the fuck-up, for the sake of the people waiting for you to lead them.

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I won’t be coy here.

This isn’t for every man.

But this is for the man in business who knows what I’m speaking to.

Who knows there’s a reality of PURPOSE and PROFIT, very real. 

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More coming tomorrow, until then… you know what to do brother.

The end.

Garrett J. White
Founder, Wake up Warrior

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