Daily Fuel Week In Review August 19-25

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From ATV racing to surfing waves and seeing men liberate the leader that has always been inside of them, it has been yet another powerful week that I am privileged to share with YOU, the listener of the Daily Fuel from the Warrior On Fire podcast.

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I give you the Week In Review for August 19-26:

SATURDAY, 19 August 2017:

“Fuel 529: Assumptions…Make Me Look Like An Ass”


A domino of assumptions led to complete chaos during one of my trainings inside of the Warrior program recently. A man that I thought was a client had made a comment inside of a post I made inside of Facebook, but when I brought him on for a Hot Seat thinking that he was part of my Certified Training, he quickly showed that he did not operate like the other men inside of the Warrior Brotherhood that lives by the Code. I had assumed that he was under my stewardship only to realize that I brought him into the gates of the Kingdom based off of an assumption, only to find out too late that he was not the man I had assumed him to be. So many of the biggest issues I’ve had in my life have come about when I assumed without looking into things a bit more first.


SUNDAY, 20 August 2017:

“Fuel 530: So It Didn’t Work….Move On!!!!”


While on my way to an ATV race in the desert surrounding Las Vegas, I purchased some gas and attempted to use the local ATM only to have the transaction fail with a faulty machine. Though small, this is a perfect example of having shit happen in our life that we don’t plan for, which also provides us with a decision to let the little things affect us or learn to move on until we find something that works. We have become a society of people that likes to hold onto drama and constantly remind ourselves that there are things in our lives that don’t work. What we don’t realize is that the power that comes from moving on from the small issues brings us tends to be the greatest.


MONDAY,  21 August 2017:

“Fuel 531: Condom Catheters and Pissing Down Your Leg [Special Guests]”


I participated in the Best in the Desert ATV race over the weekend with my financial advisor and OG Warrior Michael Isom. During one of our recent Live Events, Michael wrote down a huge goal to continue racing again, asking himself, “Who do I have to become to make this happen?” What started out as an activity that would help him teach and bond with his son resulted in creating an environment that brought tremendous value to his own life. This is turn provided a means for others to find value in their own lives as well. 


TUESDAY, 22 August 2017:

“Fuel 532: A Few Scoundrels, A Bag of Dirt, and a Race [Special Guests]”


This is a follow up to yesterday’s Fuel that was just completed in which we took 3rd place overall. From coaching Michael Isom the ENTIRE race to relying on a team that had never worked together in a race before, what very easily could have been a recipe for delirium and disaster resulted in standing on the podium and a since of pride. This is what keeps the Crew Chief, Coach Jim, coming back as he sees every event as a learning experience. Anything that we ultimately want comes about by figuring out what it is that we ants, what issues arise and how to fix it all comes down to preparation, support and confidence in the assistance of the team. 


WEDNESDAY, 23 August 2017:

“Fuel 533: Uber and Getting Where You Want To Go”


While traveling back home after the incredible Best in the Desert race I participated in, as mentioned in earlier podcasts, I found that there weren’t any available Ubers within my area that could take me to the airport from my hotel. It wasn’t until I realized that I had my previous location was still registering and showing a significant distance. This taught me the life lesson that sometimes we get so excited about where we want to go, we don’t focus on putting clarity into how to get there from where we currently are. Technology is a perfect example of this in what I call the “if this, then that” scenario and logic. If we’re not clear about where it is that we want to go, we will never get to where it is that we want to go..


THURSDAY, 24 August 2017:

“Fuel 534: You Can’t Do That…You Have Tattoos


While flying home a few days ago, I was talking to a man about how he had to hide his tattoos instead of displaying the ink done on his body because it’s not appropriate in a business setting. But this is operating as a pretender, bringing about with it a bunch of additional energy that simply becomes exhausting to pretend who we are forever thereafter. This results in living in a story that it was acceptable to build relationships that are shallow and lack anything sustaining. Instead, I made the decision a few years ago that I was going to live all areas of my life exactly as I am otherwise I would burn it all down. What you see is what you get and I’ve never felt more free because I AM ME.


FRIDAY, 25 August 2017:

“Fuel 535: You Forgot Your Shoes AGAIN?!?!?!


My oldest daughter is notorious for being the last one out to the car EVERY time and rarely can find one shoe let alone a matching pair. As I was taking my girls to their local performing arts class, sure enough, guess what was left behind? Yep. No shoes, yet again. So, she went to her Performing Arts Camp barefoot. See, there’s a form of leadership that is required which most men aren’t capable of that allows those under their stewardships to face the consequences of their actions instead of continually relying on the leader to take care of it for them.


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