Daily Fuel 33: Use Food As Fire To Explode Results


POINT #1: Food is Fuel

  • Food is an essential part of our well-being.
  • What we put into our body reflects on our outward energy.

POINT #2: Addition, Not Subtraction

  • Focus on what you can add to your diet.
  • Shift the mentality that you need to be taking food away in order to succeed.

POINT #3: A Long Lasting Healthy Lifestyle 

  • Adding little by little good foods will make you no longer crave things that are bad for you.
  • This way you’ll find more success in the long run for a healthy eating lifestyle with long-lasting results.


  • Looking specifically at the body aspect of your Core 4 (body, being, balance and business), what fuel can you add(rather than take away) that will get you in the right direction?


  • Try adding one new thing in your Core 4 that is putting you in the right direction today.


“I’m going to have you consider that when it comes to your body, out of all of the dieting, strategies, supplements and pills and all the games that you could possibly play, simply begin adding one green smoothie to your diet and I’m going to have you consider that those greens actually will effect your connection to God, your connection to source and the way that you think and feel about yourself and the life that you’re living.” — Garrett J White

Love and Light, 

Garrett J White – The Master Coach Mentor
Founder, Wake Up Warrior Academy
Leader, Wake Up Warrior Movement
Creator, Warrior Week

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