Living the Warrior’s Way

LIVING by the principles and frames of the Warrior Operating System means setting and achieving specific annual, monthly, and weekly milestones aligned with your long-term goals and aspirations.

This is why the Warrior OS is ALL about arming you with the weapons to chart your course from the Reality of where you’re AT Today, towards the heights you envision for yourself, your family, and your teams in 12-18 months.

Here’s a breakdown of the milestones you will need to hit in order to transition from the Pit of today to the Peak of Prosperity, building up all areas of your life with monthly challenges the Warrior’s Way:

Annual Milestones:

  1. Yearly “IMPOSSIBLE” Games: Define your long-term vision or “impossible” goals for the year, across each of the Core 4 realms (Body, Being, Balance, and Business). These could be targets like achieving a certain level of revenue in your business, launching a new product or service, or reaching a personal milestone like completing a marathon or writing a book.
  2. FREEDOM Map: Develop a comprehensive plan for achieving your Annual Impossible Games. This includes breaking down your goal into smaller, actionable steps, identifying potential obstacles, and outlining strategies for overcoming them.

Monthly Milestones:

  1. Monthly MISSIONS: Set specific objectives for each month that align with your Annual Impossible Game. These objectives should be challenging yet achievable within the timeframe allotted, and contribute to your overall progress toward your long-term goals across the Core 4 areas.
  2. FOCUS Maps: Create a detailed plan for each month that outlines the key tasks and priorities you need to focus on to achieve your Monthly Mission. This could include deadlines, milestones, and action steps for each area of focus, such as business growth, personal development, or health and wellness.

Weekly Milestones:

  1. Weekly WAR: Break down your Monthly Mission into weekly goals and objectives. Identify the most critical tasks and priorities for each week that will contribute to your overall progress toward your Monthly Mission.
  2. FIRE Maps: Develop a weekly action plan that outlines the specific actions and activities you need to take to accomplish your Weekly War goals. This could include setting daily targets, scheduling time blocks for focused work, and allocating resources effectively.
  3. Daily Game: Your personalized Core 4 routine is where you will implement daily rituals and habits that support your progress toward your weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. This encompasses your morning routines and self-care practices that help you stay focused, energized, and motivated on a consistent daily basis.

By building momentum meeting ambitious annual, quarterly, and monthly targets, you can gradually progress from the PIT of today to the Peak of PROSPERITY!

Each milestone serves as a stepping stone toward your long-term vision, guiding your actions, and keeping you on track as you navigate the journey of personal and professional growth the Warrior’s Way!