The FOCUS: Your Monthly Focus on Freedom

“It’s not enough to have a grand vision. Without breaking that vision down into achievable steps, the journey will seem overwhelming, the destination unreachable.

The glistening horizon awaits, but between us and that horizon lies a vast ocean. How do we navigate it? We focus on the next set of waves, the immediate challenges. This is the essence of the Focus Map. The Focus Map also known as the Monthly Mission bridges the gap between the present frame and the future freedom. While the horizon (our Freedom) represents our final destination, we must precisely navigate the first few nautical miles.


Dividing the path into segments is crucial when embarking on a long journey. This makes the journey manageable and ensures we remain on the right course. The Focus Map aka the Monthly Mission, is our immediate segment in our quest. It is the actionable set of steps derived from our grander vision that allows us to take the vast vision uncovered and break it down into smaller executable steps.


Imagine constructing a skyscraper. Without a solid foundation, it is destined to collapse. Similarly, our first monthly mission is about establishing the foundational blocks – habits, routines, resources, and teams – to support our climb toward the impossible freedom.

  • Habits: The daily rituals that set the pace and tone of our journey. These are the repetitive actions that, over time, become the backbone of our progress.
  • Routines: A predictable pattern ensures we remain on course. Establishing routines means we’ve set aside dedicated time to work towards our goals, ensuring we’re always moving forward.
  • Additions & Eliminations: Our journey might require new tools, skills, or allies. Similarly, there might be some burdens we need to shed. Recognizing what to add and what to remove is pivotal in this phase.


The vision of sailing around the world can be daunting, primarily if we’re anchored in the harbor, bogged down by the sheer magnitude of the journey. The Focus Map is our initial push, the momentum we need to exit the harbor and face the vast ocean. It’s about taking that first actionable step, no matter how small.


Recognizing that the path toward our impossible freedom is as significant as the freedom itself is vital. Every wave we navigate and every challenge we overcome in our monthly mission enriches our experience, making the eventual freedom even more rewarding.

In conclusion, the Focus Map bridges our current reality and our envisioned freedom. The actionable steps we take today ensure our ship is sailing in the right direction. It’s not just about reaching the horizon but also about enjoying and learning from the voyage. So, set your sails, embrace the challenges, and let’s embark on this focused transformative journey together.