You have one shot at this life. ONE

How many people are going to show up to your funeral?…

…What will be said and remembered about you?

What’s your legacy going to be as a Man?…Father?…Husband?…Leader?…Mentor?


It’s easy to look at legacy like a “cool concept” that sits in the background of your thoughts waiting to be contemplated when you’re close to your death bed…(by that time it’s too late)


“What if you lived with a ruthless sense of urgency to build a legacy while you’re still able to build it?…Instead of one day reflecting on what’s already been built with regret?”


Legacy transcends time…

The Memories

The Inspiration 

The Relationships 

The Modeled behaviors

The Service

The Connection 

The Leadership

And the EXPERIENCES you create with your wife, kids and your community…

All keep living long after you die.

I’m specifically talking about…

  • The expectations and standards you live by
  • The results you get
  • The intimate and REAL connections you create
  • The values and beliefs you demonstrate and live by

That’s the shit that sets the precedent and expectation for the type of man your daughter marries one day.

That’s the expectation and example that your son will be inspired to continue with.

Consider this…

One day you’re not going to be here.

That’s a fact.

It’s the kind of fact most men don’t want to dwell on for good reason.

But it’s real.

You have one shot at this life.

One shot at being a husband to your wife…one shot at being a father to your children….one shot at creating the shit you want to create.

It would be naive to think you’re always going to have time to “do it” or “build the relationship”.

The truth is, one day you or your wife will be going to bed alone.

(It could be as early as tomorrow)

One day your kids won’t be able to call on you to ask for advice, share their wins or just hang out with their dad.

What are you doing now that will leave you with no regrets?

Are you playing up to your full potential?

Or are you letting in stories of “no time” or “I’ll start once X happens”…?

Are you treating your wife with the respect, love, appreciation and gratitude that she deserves?

Are you showing up for your kids as father who is vulnerable, available, fun and a great leader?

Or are you just surviving the day to get to the next?…

…drifting through life with little to no purpose or direction.

Putting more time and energy into fantasy sports and your phone than you do your family.


I don’t bring up death to try and depress you.

I bring it up to slap you in the face with some fucking reality in hopes that you get moving on that one idea you’ve been mentally-masturbating on for years.

I bring it up so that you turn your fucking phone off for once in the evenings and just BE with your family – completely present and engaged (not some nights – every night)

There’s a gift inside the harsh reality around Death.

That gift is FUEL.

It’s fuel to stop waiting and start taking action towards being the man you want to be now (not next Monday)…

The next time you think it’s going to be too uncomfortable and painful to launch your big idea…or have a tough conversation with your wife…or spend money on PROGRAMS to enhance your life…or turn your phone off to be present with your family…

…Just Remember WHY and WHO you’re doing this for.

Lean on the idea and REALITY that the type of man you are is more than likely the type of man your daughter will marry. 

And if you don’t show up for her – she’ll go seeking validation from the first asshole twice her age willing to give her the attention you’re NOT.

Same with your wife…if you don’t show up for her and treat her as your queen, dating her, seducing her, emotionally supporting her….another man will.

That. Shit. Is. PAINFUL!

Like everything else brother,

It simply comes down to a choice. 

Your choice. 

What are you going to do today to contribute to the legacy you want to leave? 


– Garrett J. White

Founder of Wake Up Warrior
Creator of the #WarriorsWay
Creator of WarriorWeek
Author of the Warrior BlackBook


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