Daily Fuel Week In Review December 30-January 5

We have completed yet another year and are heading into 2018 in a massive way. 

I have decided to take up surfing!

Wait. That was the middle of 2017. 

This has become an absolutely crucial part of my life now, as you well know by now after listening to any of my recent episodes.

New to Warrior On Fire and have no idea how much I love surfing?!?!

I may be exaggerating by stating that every single one of this week’s Daily Fuels have something regarding surfing in each one, but I may not. 

I LOVE surfing! And now you can call me out on whether or not I do, in fact, bring up surfing in each of these episodes this week. 

I give you the Week In Review for December 30-January 5:

SATURDAY, 30 December 2017:

“Fuel 662: Leash and Unleash”


I have an addiction within surfing that leads to even more life lessons for today’s podcast on the importance of learning the basics. I had to learn the basics in order to ride a wave, and we all have to start somewhere. Like being parents for the first time, starting a business is much the same way, in which we make all of the fuck ups with the first child/business, becoming more seasoned the more children we have or the more businesses that we run. There are basics that HAVE to be mastered. Inside of the mastering the basics, we learn to do things that we weren’t good enough to learn until we are willing to start.


SUNDAY, 31 December 2017:

“Fuel 663: Glass in My Feet!!!”


I got a piece of glass in my foot after running down the local road to the beach for my morning surf session. It wasn’t that big of a deal and I barely noticed it, but every so often, I’d step down on my foot just right and could feel a sharp pain in my foot. It would go away and wasn’t that big of a deal. A little annoyance. But annoying just the same. So, I felt around and found the piece of glass, then asked my wife to pull it out for me. She refused, and the lesson that this taught me was that no one can save me from myself. I have to pull the annoyances out of my life on my own, like that shard of glass that I pulled from my foot. There was nothing holding me back from doing things even though I had a shard of glass in my foot. It was annoying, but no one could save me from the festering piece of glass until I took care of it myself. Like many parts of our lives, there are little things that fester and ignore instead of confronting and dealing with it. No one else is going to fix it for us.


MONDAY, 1 January 2018:

“Fuel 664: A New Year….A New Season”


2018 will be about changing the game in three different formats: video, audio and text for Warrior On Fire as well as even more podcasts within the newly created Warrior Empire Network: Date Your Wife podcast with my wife Danielle, Warrior Wealth from my banking days prior to Warrior, Warrior Week with Lead Coach Sam Falsafi talking about ‘parables from the pit’ that takes the Warrior’s Way from multiple examples. The other podcast will be Big Money Stylist (BMS) with my wife in her hair industry of Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) along with trainers from her salon with Anianne Rivera and Valerie Plunk.


TUESDAY, 2 January 2018:

“Fuel 665: Look Good…Feel Good….Play Good”


I had never considered it in my brain that I should look good for my wife as something that is necessary. However, I noticed a significant difference within myself when I stepped up my game for my weekly Date Nights with my wife. I’ve learned that I need to dress the part to package myself for the part that she plays in my life, going all in to be to the point that she’s at with looking fantastic all of the time. Across all areas of the Core 4, there is an area that we can look good in order to feel good so that we can play good in whatever we tackle. I’ve traded in my sweatbands and same t-shirts and pants for suit jackets and shirts that reflect the kind of man that my wife deserves to have by her side. In so doing, I feel the significance of looking the part outwardly that I feel within. 


WEDNESDAY,  3 January 2018:

“Fuel 666: Short Breaks….They’re Not Perfect…But They’ll Work”


Today’s life lesson was inspired by repetitive practice and comes to you in learning that the vast part about surfing is about learning how to read the waves and know what’s coming up. While out surfing, I got Reps, reps, reps, reps, reps. That’s how I become good at anything I do, regardless of the situations and conditions. Whether it’s in surfing, speaking or my relationship with my wife. The only way we can become great at something that we first initially sucked at is through continual repetition, regardless of the situation.


THURSDAY, 4 January 2018:

“Fuel 667: Your Fucking Patterns Must Burn”


Everybody is on point when their patterns are in alignment, but what happens when those patterns get interrupted? In order to grow, we have to destroy the patterns that we’re currently leaning on for power in order to get to a newer pattern of power. You can’t be elite if you don’t know how to operate outside of your patterns.


FRIDAY, 5 January 2018:

“Fuel 668: Future Leaders at Play”


While dropping my daughters off to school this morning, I saw in front of the school a sign that read, “Warning: Future Leaders at Work and Play” which taught me a crucial realization. I lead tens of thousands of people every week, and my teachers while I was a kid had no fucking clue. The entire game is covered up inside of these schools and neighborhoods, not realizing that the youth and kids we see today will be our world leaders 30 years from today. There’s going to be a hold new brand of leaders going to school right now…so who’s leading the leaders? Parents need to stop abdicating their roles and see the great gift that it is to lead our future leaders. 


Did you count how many times I referenced surfing? 

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Did I mention that I love surfing?

The End.

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