Daily Fuel Week In Review January 6-12

Notice anything different about me this week? 

What do you think about my podcast makeover? 

Like the new look? 

I gave you a bit of a teaser in previous episodes about the 2018 Warrior Empire podcasts new to 2018, in which we are launching a total of 5 Warrior Empire podcasts this year, giving the original Warrior On Fire a fresh new look as well. 

As you can tell from the new image for the Warrior On Fire podcast, I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty (or in this case, my face…literally) in order to create the outcomes that I want.

Watch for the launch of The Warrior Wealth, Warrior Week, Big Money Stylist and Date Your Wife podcasts, all of which will be weekly to accompany these daily episodes.

Content within the Daily Fuels will remain similar to what was said before, so without further ado….

I give you the Week In Review for January 6-12:

SATURDAY, 6 January 2017:

“Fuel 669: McDonald’s McFlurrys [Special Guest]”


I had a little mini-date with my youngest daughter Ruby that explained the hibachi grill that we went to in which the chef made everything on a big griddle right in front of us. Though the food wasn’t the best, it was the experience of spending time with my daughter that I value the most, and so we were able to continue our date right within the podcast as we ordered dessert from McDonald’s drive thru. This is one example of the experiences that I choose to place within my life, instead of treating her and the rest of the people that I spend time that I choose to spend time with as commodities.


SUNDAY, 7 January 2017:

“Fuel 670: CHOICES!!!!! Sometimes Things Gotta Go….”


While out on Date Night with my wife about to go have some drinks with friends, I had this thought come to me about unspoken social agreements. It’s this concept that when I say ‘this’ you do ‘that,’ but the moment that the person no longer chooses to do the action (‘this’) the person that responded to ‘that’ gets lost in the chaos. The reality is…they’ve changed, and change is hard. It puts tension on others, especially those that choose not to rise along with it. Tension is an inevitable part of growth, and yet it can quick become extremely chaotic, especially if those we want to rise with us don’t. Sometimes, it’s the other way around as well, in which they are growing and you want to stay right where you’re at. Either way, change is hard but required in order to grow. 


MONDAY, 8 January 2018:

“Fuel 671: Cracked Crowns and Kings”


As I mentioned in an earlier episode last year, my customized Warrior Surfboard’s tip broke about a month ago and after getting it repaired, I now have it back. It works as great as ever, and it wasn’t until I was putting the board away for the day that I learned a significant lesson about myself. There’s constantly something for me to learn, so after looking at the crack between the crown and the word KING on the Warrior Crest of my board, it represented for me the scars that I’ve experienced as a king that fell yet was able to rise again. The lesson that I learned was that in order to heal, you first have to be broken. The only way we can gain expansion in our lives is to be broken in the way in which life was currently operating. Only then, can we be healed and reborn. Brokenness is part of life.  


TUESDAY, 9 January 2018:

“Fuel 672: Listen to the Voice….Get Off the Fucking Plane”


I had one flight delay after another occur for the business trip I was planning to Chicago this week due to ice storms and freezing rain, so instead of waiting it out at the airport, the Voice inside told me to go back home. Three different times I was told this, and it wasn’t loud but powerful enough for me to cancel my hotel reservation, credit my plane ticket back, get my luggage from the plane and surprise my family returning back to them instead of to the Midwest. See, my wife and I are planning on having another baby, and these next few days are the most ideal time for us to conceive, so whether this choice to stay home creates a child or not, it is all boiled down to this one simple thing: conditions were such that I ad to make a decision to move forward or course correct. I chose to course correct and we’ll see what comes from it. There are going to be thoughts that come into your world in which your mind is going to play games with you, and then there are times that the Voice tells you to do this or not do this very simply. We make it a lot more complicated when we choose not to listen. When we DO listen to the Voice, it opens up an opportunity to get clear on what the mind is telling us as different than what our heart is telling us. 


WEDNESDAY,  10 January 2018:

“Fuel 673: Cookie Swirl C Didn’t Go to College…”


While taking my daughters to school today, my oldest is notorious for not giving a shit about certain things like homework and follow thru with shit like bringing her laptop back to school after taking it home. Yet, when she chooses to be committed, she is all in, as she’s demonstrated after receiving the lead for the middle school production of Mary Poppins. This shows that she’s capable to do whatever the hell she wants to do in life. There are things that we have been told are the way it is, yet there are possibilities that these beliefs are not true and do not apply to us. Do you have the courage to consider other possibilities that are out there to make your life the one you want to have?


THURSDAY, 11 January 2018:

“Fuel 674: You Can Have It All, But You Can’t Do It All”


It’s a hard concept for many to grasp a life of having it all, because it becomes overwhelming trying to do it all on our own to obtain that. We’ve got to be able to delegate in order to live a life of having it all, realizing that we cannot do all that’s expected of us. When we are willing to hand off the power to allow other people to grow, it helps us accomplish things that we would otherwise not be able to do because of all of the other responsibilities and expectations placed on your shoulders. In turn, these people that we’re willing to delegate power and responsibilities to gain more power, certainty and confidence within their own life, perpetuating eternal expansion and growth so that anyone who seeks a life of having it all can do it, recognizing that it will only come about through accepting help from others or delegating responsibilities out. Some of this delegation can even come in the form of systematizing and automating roles and actions that would otherwise consume a lot of time and energy that can best be spent strengthening our skill sets. That being said, there are also things in our lives that need to be deleted if it doesn’t bring us closer to the life that we want. 


FRIDAY, 12 January 2018:

“Fuel 675: Fight With Your Kids”


For all of those parents out there, I’m sure you know exactly what I mean when I state that half of the relationship I have with my kids is about going to war with them. Not because I don’t love them nor is it because I don’t care: it’s BECAUSE I care that I go to war with them in the first place. There are strengths and weaknesses inside of each one of them that teach me crucial lessons about myself, making me realize that 80% of the time that an issue or challenge comes up with my kids, it’s on me. Inside of my world I have been brought to this place of what I’m experiencing (including the type of children that are under my stewardship to raise) a reality that is meant specifically for me. You have a reality that is specifically meant for you, yet regardless of what our reality is, that which we seek to bring us power comes about through hunting for the truth within. The war that I have with my kids is really about the war that I have with myself.


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