Story #3: “the results are insurmountable…

Warrior Witness 3: Mike Isom [click image to watch video]

• Owner of Optic Financial

• Athlete

• Husband

• Father

• Racing Enthusiast

Mike joined us as the 2nd member of the Brotherhood back in 2013.

You read that right. 

Michael Isom is the 2nd all time brother to join the Warrior Movement.

***Before there was

> Warrior Week

before there was

> a Documentary

before there was

> the Brotherhood

Mike felt the call to join while Warrior was in its infancy…

….and now nearly 3 years later, he’s crushing it in his body, literally in the best shape of his life.

– He’s on fire and connected with his wife & kids

– His business has 3X’d

– and he feels spiritually aligned with his purpose.

Why do I tell you this?

One — because we’re proud of him.

Two — because he’s an example of what happens when you live by the WarriorsWay.

Which this two minute video to meet brother #2, Mike Isom.

Click Here To Watch Now.

– Garrett