Daily Fuel Week In Review August 12-18

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I give you the Week In Review for August 12-18:

SATURDAY, 12 August 2017:

“Fuel 522: What Kind of a Man Are You?” 


There are four levels of leadership within a man: Level 1- All In on Himself, Level 2- All In on Himself and his wife & kids (family), Level 3- All In on his family and select group of people, and Level 4- All In on these three groups while changing the world. This last category, Level 4, create a dent in the universe and are catalysts for change. They are the leaders that don’t need anyone; neediness shows desperation and an inability to operate on one’s own. Instead, they WANT to surround themselves with like-minded people that are set on creating a Movement for change. Because I operate on Level 4, I therefore expect everyone that plays with me to also operate at a Level 4 or get the fuck out. I don’t need someone not willing to bring about the change that I want to see in the world.


SUNDAY, 13 August 2017:

“Fuel 523: You Better Be About It…Not Just Talking About It”


All too often, we see as a society excuses made on not having enough of something as the reason behind why we are unable to achieve and receive that which we desire. The truth is? As a society, we aren’t comfortable dealing with the inevitable shit that comes up in our lives. We want to deliver our art to the marketplace, but we aren’t willing to deal with the shit that occurs before we can get there. We don’t want to deal with the shit, so we remain limited with what we are able to achieve. Every day I encounter shit I don’t want to deal with, but I have trained myself to become comfortable with having to do shit that I don’t want to do, which propels me forward towards success. Every fucking time, every fucking day.  


MONDAY, 14 August 2017:

“Fuel 524: Buh-Bye Training Wheels!!!”


This week was the first without the “Coach Moe Boost” that I have needed while out surfing and catching waves. It took a lot of work to get there, which made this seemingly simple victory even sweeter, but it also taught me how important it is not take the figurative training wheels off too soon. I needed his support in giving me the tools required to catch a wave on my own. All too often, the struggles that we face would be drastically reduced if we allowed training wheels into our lives in the form of someone we trust to support us as we learn.


TUESDAY, 15 August 2017:

“Fuel 525: I Did What You Didn’t”


All too often we look at someone’s success and immediately think that it must have come so easily to them. This was the case for me when I was sitting at an event thinking I could be on stage as well. This mentality then gives birth to the thought process that anyone can do what they do, when the truth is, it was because of a ruthless commitment to the marketing world that created the experience for those speakers to get to where they are. It’s how I’ve been able to create my events with Warrior as well as with my wife’s hairstyling business. The number of hours that are required to do what the elite do that dominate across the board is more than what many are willing to do. If I can’t do what you can do, it’s because I didn’t do yesterday what you did. For a long time in my own life, others were willing to have the capacity, clarity and courage to do what I wasn’t willing to do. Now the roles have been reversed, and the reason I dominate every area that I have a business in is because of this ruthless commitment to achieve my goals and outcomes.


WEDNESDAY, 16 August 2017:

“Fuel 526: Sound the Alarm!!!


After the alarm went off at my office, I received a phone call from ADT and met the police over at my office before we eventually discovered that one of the cleaning ladies in the building had leaned her broom on the tempered glass which set off the alarm. This made me connect other alarms that I have within my alarm put into place when something is off, like having weekly Date Nights with my wife as non-negotiable so we don’t drift as a couple. Making sure that I have alarms and teams around in my life that warn me and give me insight is one strategy that things could be trending in a direction that is not good, I am able to avoid problems down the road.


THURSDAY, 17 August 2017:

“Fuel 527: Done Is Better Than Perfect”


This was probably the shortest Daily Fuel on record here inside of Warrior On Fire as I knew what kind of a day I was going to have when I created it but also knew that being able to consistently execute an episode in the morning was what worked best for me. So, here you go. It took longer for you to read this summary than listening to the actual podcast! Sometimes the point in execution is to get it done, regardless of whether or not it’s perfect.


FRIDAY, 18 August 2017:

“Fuel 528: Feedback is Sometimes NOT Your Friend”


I do a lot of writing on a lot of platforms, so it’s inevitable that I’m going to misspell a word at times or not formulate a sentence properly. Such was a case when I made a post using “your” instead of “you’re” which then led to these grammar trolls inside of social media to feel it was their duty to attack. I don’t give a shit about my grammar, but what I DO give a shit about is the reason WHY people will nitpick at the small mistakes that are made, almost like they were waiting to catch the imperfection that was inevitably going to come. The thing is, we’re all human and we’re all going to make mistakes at some point in our life. These people critique the shit out of relationships by focusing on what’s NOT working because their own personal confidence is very low. What they don’t realize is that their criticism actually becomes FUEL propelling me forward to create more shit.


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